Tips to Relieve Stress in Teens

Updated at: Jul 16, 2012
Tips to Relieve Stress in Teens

Is your teen stressed? De-stress him/her with these tips.

Sharanya Manola
Tips for ParentWritten by: Sharanya ManolaPublished at: Jul 16, 2012

Tips to Relieve Stress in Teens

Teenagers today are under stress and can have ill-effects on their health. So for their overall wellbeing it is important that parents learn a few ways in which they can relieve stress in teensAs a parent you must monitor if stress is taking a toll on your teen.  Let’s take a look at a few ways which can burst the bubble of stress for your teenaged child. If stress is tackled intelligently this could contribute in academic and professional success of the child.

Keep a check on Academics

Stress can directly affect your child’s grades. Make sure you  are up-to-date about your child’s performance at school. If you see dipping grades you can discuss both with your child and teachers and find a way out of this.

Listen to them

If you’re not a patient listener then you will have to become one. Let your child talk because this way they will not feel that they’re unheard and unattended. Acknowledge their feelings and their right to express their opinions. Tell them that if they’re feeling stressed out then it is normal because under tensions we all break down and that everyone has saturation level. You can hug them and tell them that you love them. Assurance as this will relax their tensed nerves.

Adequate Rest and Sleep

Teens love to stay up till late and while away time sitting on the internet, playing games and talking on the phone. It is your responsibility to make them understand the importance of sleeping 8 hours a day. You can tell them how adequate sleep will help them wake up fresh and help them focus better.

Set an Example

You are an immediate idol for your teen. Set an excellent example for them by dealing with stress in a healthy manner. Outbursts and violence in such times will make them think that this is the only way one can overcome stress. You also know that this is a wrong approach. Teach them ways they can calm themselves such as listening to songs, deep breathing or meditating.


To channelise their negative energy into something positive you can increase their physical activity. So if your kid is spending a lot of time on the internet playing video games then tell them the need for a time-out. Encourage them to go ride a bicycle, play football or other sport. Playing automatically diverts their attention from the source of stress and helps them relax.

Family Time

Teens tend to come under peer pressure and forget the importance of family in their lives. It is important that you sit with your child and discuss about the day. You can go out for family dinners or organise picnics to relieve stress both in you and your child. Tell them it is important to strike a balance between family and friends and not always undermine family’s importance in their lives.


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