8 tips to improve your physical fitness

Updated at: Dec 10, 2017
8 tips to improve your physical fitness

Fitness has become a requisite to keep up with the pace of modern lifestyle. Synonymous to health and well-being, fitness gives you the ability to adapt and take stress.

Himanshu Sharma
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Aug 24, 2017

Fitness has become a requisite to keep up with the pace of modern lifestyle. Synonymous to health and well-being, fitness gives you the ability to adapt and take stress. It is not only about physical strength but of mental stability as well. If an individual is fit, their mind or body will not be disturbed in any way. 


Exercise definitely improves your fitness. It helps one sustain fitness activities for longer, improves strength, agility and boosts energy levels. Working out at a fitness centre or at home are the two ways of doing it. You can run or jog to strengthen your muscles and improve fitness levels. But then, not everybody likes or has time constraints getting in the way of daily exercise. For them, there are several other options to better fitness. 

Household chores

We are living in the modern age where technology has made every task easy. Rather than the aid of appliances (such as washing machines and floor cleaners), you should work out elbows a bit. Household chores will work out muscles and keep them in motion. 

Move around more at work

If your’s is a desk job and doesn’t need you to move around much, you must ascertain that muscles are getting the exercise they need. Make it a habit to move around in every 60 to 90 minutes. Instead of chit-chatting during the lunch break, make use of this time and go for post lunch walk with colleagues. 

Take the dog out for a walk

Taking pets out for a walk is another way to bring fitness into everyday life. Dogs are tireless characters, you can move around with them for half-an-hour any day. Or, you can also take the dog on a run instead of a walk. 


You can develop green fingers and reap health benefits. The job of a gardener involves lots of time bending, stretching and lifting. Develop a hobby of gardening and you can burn calories, exercise muscles and improve flexibility only by spending a few hours a week. 


Instead of eating and drinking calories when being sociable, hang out with friends playing sports or even just take a walk to catch up on gossip instead of drinking tea and biscuits at a restaurant. 

Introduce family members to fitness

Swap sedentary family time for outdoor activities such as cycling or simply wandering around the park. You can think about bowling, softball or any other fun outdoor activity with your family members. If you have kid(s), you can enrol yourself in a skating class, swimming or dancing course with them. 

Virtual gaming

The quick fingers of a gamer do not translate to a fit body. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you can spend time playing a fitness game such as virtual tennis or doing virtual aerobics that benefits your health.
You don't always need to run or sweat for improving fitness when you have so many ideas to help you.

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