How to get pregnant with twins

Updated at: Mar 16, 2017
How to get pregnant with twins

These are effective guidelines that couples can look at and try, if they are bent on raising twins.

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PregnancyWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Mar 16, 2017

Ask women who have had babies and they will tell you the feeling of giving birth as they have a secret from the world. Pregnancy is absolute joy and the days of pregnancy are something women cherish for their life.

Are you interested in getting pregnant with twins and wondering how to get pregnant with twins? How wonderful will it be if we could customise pregnancy! There are ways by which, you can actually do so. In this day and age when medical science is moving towards a phase, where one can decide what colour the eyes of their unborn child will be, getting pregnant with twins sounds simple! In this article you will find tips to get pregnant with twins.


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We present to you tips on how to get pregnant with twins. The best part is that these natural ways of getting pregnant with twins are time tested and have been in practice for centuries.


Have a history

Twins have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twin babies. Their genes are more conducive to multiple births. Therefore, if you are absolutely hooked to the idea of raising twins then being a twin should be high on your prospective partner checklist! Another point to ponder about is that one is more likely to get pregnant with twins after one generation, i.e. if one or more of your grandparents were twins while you were not, it is more likely that you will have a twin.

Get to age 30 plus

Older women have a higher chance of twin pregnancy. It is a well established fact that women, who are 35 years or older have a tendency towards multiple ovulation. Multiple ovulations mean that more than one egg is released. This increases the chance of more than one sperm fertilising them leading to higher chance of woman getting pregnant with twins. So, if you want to cherish bringing up two babies together, delay your plans to conceive.


Gain more pounds

Plump women tend to get pregnant with twins. Not to say that you can start binging on unhealthy foods and make yourself overweight. This would only complicate matters and prove to be burdensome during pregnancy. You just need to eat healthy to gain enough weight for carrying two bundles of joy. Increase the intake of dairy products such as milk, butter, paneer, cheese and yoghurt. Increased consumption of these foods increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins.


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Give gap before the next conception

How to get pregnant with twins? To increase your chances of giving birth to twins, you have to give enough gaps in your conception process.  Try as much as you can to have one or two kids with enough space in the conception periods. Don’t rush into conception every year. This can hamper your chances of giving birth to twins.

Take your vitamins

Those who are low on nutrition are less likely to have twins. You need all vitamins are good, but folic acid supplements are known to boost your chances of getting pregnant with twins. This is why folic acid is recommended for all women trying to conceive as it prevents birth defects. Ask your doctor for vitamin intake.


Stop taking birth-control pills

To get pregnant with twins you need to stop the birth-control pills right before trying to get pregnant as it re-regulates the hormones that are associated with reproduction. There is a great chance of ovaries releasing 2 eggs during the first month or two after getting off the pill. This is not proven method to get pregnant with twins, but is safe and you can try it.


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Seek fertility assistance

You can seek fertility assistance to know how you can get pregnant with twins. The medical advances in the sphere of reproductive technology have dramatically increased the rate of multiple birth. There are drugs available that stimulate ovulation and can up the chances of having twins. Another approach that can boost chances of multiples is in-vitro fertilization. It's not just that multiple embryos are implanted in the mother, but there is also an unexplained increase in the number of monozygotic twins among IVF patients. When you are undergoing IVF, you could be spending a fortune.  Therefore, fertility assistance gives you a great chance of getting pregnant with twins.


Multiple researches have proven that women who are on the heavier side of the scale have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins. This is especially true for women who have a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30. There are factors such as diet, ethnicity, genetics and lifestyle that play a role in whether a woman can give birth to twins. However, there are ways that can give you a chance at getting pregnant with twins.


Some deliberate changes

Try and take some deliberate steps that have been found to help you in conceiving twins. Gaining weight is one such change as it has been found that overweight women are more likely to achieve this feat. Also if you are breastfeeding your infant currently and are hoping to conceive twins next then you should continue to breastfeed. It has been found that it increasing your chances.


Change in diet 

Bringing about a change in your diet can also help you to conceive twins. Recent studies have shown that eating dairy products can help; women who eat dairy products are five times more likely to conceive twins than women who don’t. Eating yam apparently helps your chances of getting pregnant with twins. An African tribe's diet is rich in wild yams boasts of a twin birth rate four times higher than the world average.


Consulting a fertility expert

There are fertility procedures that help in conceiving twins. This is known to be the most effective way as in this procedure you come under medication and in vitro fertilization techniques that can assure you your delightful twins.


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