Tips to Dress in Early Pregnancy

Updated at: Jul 09, 2012
Tips to Dress in Early Pregnancy

Tips to Dress in Early Pregnancy will help you  to choose the most suitable maternity clothing for you, keeping your style and comfort in balance.

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PregnancyWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Jul 06, 2012

Tips to Dress in Early Pregnancy

After the second month of pregnancy, you may often find yourself rummaging through your closet to find something suitable to hide the slightly visible changes in your body. During pregnancy, almost every woman enters a fashion limbo, investing in pregnancy clothing that tends to be a faux pas. Save yourself from cramping your style with these handy tips to dress in early pregnancy.

Try Before You Buy

Pregnancy clothing can be expensive so, try them out before buying. You may also borrow some. Ask your mommie friends to give you some for trial. Considering that maternity wear is only used for few months, gathering piles of them won’t be an intelligent idea. The good news is that there are shops and clothing stores that sell used but maintained pregnancy clothing. Because clothing stores offer used pregnancy clothing, you can grab few designer maternity wear in half the original cost.

The Bigger the Better

During the first trimester of pregnancy, you may stuff your closet with loose pants, tunic tops and skirts with elastic and drawstrings. Wearing a pair of jeans that is one-size bigger will provide extra room for your skin to breathe.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Yesteryear’s baggy maternity clothing does not exist anymore. Flaunting your baby bump and curvaceous breasts in fitted one-piece dresses and tunics can be fun and stylish. Don’t shy away from showing off your curves. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Sneak into Your Husband’s Closet

Have you given a thought to trying your husband’s t-shirts and pyjamas? Your husband’s clothes  will not only comfortable, but memorable too! Team up his loose t-shirts with leggings. Look classy by accessorising the clothing with earrings and multicoloured bangles.

Wear a Sporty Look

Pair a fitting tee with a low-rise pant to boast a sporty look. Stretchy denim gaucho or capris teamed with peasant-style top will hide the slight baby bump, thereby giving you a trimmed silhouette.

Expose a Little

You don’t have to wrap yourself in clothes just because you’re pregnant. Flaunt your bountiful cleavage in low-cut tops or v-neck tees. Sleeveless tees or shirts will distract the attention from your breasts and belly. Bateau necklines will highlight your glamorous back and sexy shoulders.


Tips to Accessorise your Pregnancy Outfits

  • Use a bright coloured jewellery to add some oomph to your monochromatic outfit.
  • Sport a pair of funky shoes and carry a handbag of matching colour to add style to the basic look.
  • Tying a sweater or a single coloured scarf around your shoulders will perk up your dress.


Furthermore, make sure you always wear a well-fitting pair of lingerie. Stay away from push-up and underwire bras. Don’t try to force yourself into wearing pre-pregnancy lingerie.

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