Deal with Depression during the Prenatal Stage

Updated at: Nov 05, 2013
Deal with Depression during the Prenatal Stage

Pregnancy does not only bring about physical changes but also mental one of the most common types of the latter is prenatal depression.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
PregnancyWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: May 31, 2012

Changes before you enter your pregnancy can make you anxious and change you in more than one way; this at times can lead to the dangerous situation of depression. You must be prepared to deal with it.


dealing with depression during pregnancyExciting as pregnancy is, it is also a complicated phase in a woman’s life. As a pregnant woman anxiously waits for the arrival of her baby, innumerable changes in her body bring about anxiety that may lead to depression. If you are pregnant and feeling low, follow the following tips to help you deal with prenatal depression.


Raise Questions at Yourself

When you are pregnant, you will end up asking yourself a number of questions. The problem is not with asking questions but with the struggle that unanswered questions make you go through. Questions such as “will I be a good mother” or “Am I prepared to be a mother just yet?” are likely to keep sprouting, especially during the third trimester. Before you begin to look for answers for this question, understand the fact that pregnancy is a life-changing event and once you are at it, you have to work towards evolving into a new identity.


Body is your Temple, Have Faith

Right from the time you go through your first ultrasound until your body starts to change, you must hold on to yourself. Weight gain at the time of pregnancy is inevitable and if you have already begun worrying about getting rid of post-pregnancy weight, you must stop thinking so much. You may also sign up for prenatal classes that allow you to take up pregnancy exercises under medical supervision.


Take Help of a Support Group

When you are pregnant, you would want to talk to someone who could answer your questions and give you a platform to share your experience. If you stay away from your mother, take help of a support group or your husband, who is as concerned about your health and that of the baby as much as you are.


Eat Plenty

Pregnancy is one phase when the whole world will work towards getting your wishes of eating whatever you like come true. The punch, however, is that you must eat only healthy. Indulge in as many healthy foods as possible without feeling guilty. Should you have any doubts about what kind of foods are pregnancy-friendly, consult a doctor before indulging. Include only healthy fats in your diet such as nuts, fish and olive oil.

Entertain Yourself with Happy Flicks

Considering that pregnancy is about a lot of rest, entertain yourself by watching happy flicks. Happy movies do not imply that you must watch only baby movies. It is important to pay attention to your lifestyle patterns at the time of pregnancy as studies suggest that a baby’s overall growth and development depend on the mother’s lifestyle.

It is essential that you enjoy your time as a pregnant woman, the more you think or become anxious, the more depressed you would be.


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