Tips to build strong Dad – Daughter relationship

Updated at: Mar 23, 2013
Tips to build strong Dad – Daughter relationship

Fathers find it difficult to connect with their daughters. This article shares tips to build a healthy and strong father – daughter relationship.

Shruti Deshmukh
DatingWritten by: Shruti DeshmukhPublished at: Mar 23, 2013

Tips to build strong Dad and Daughter relationship

Fathers find it difficult to connect with their daughters. This article shares tips to build a healthy and strong father – daughter relationship.

A few pointers to remember, for fathers:

  • You are the first male role model for your daughter and will continue to remain so.
  • She needs your attention in all the phases of life; childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Hence, do not distance yourself when she becomes an adolescent.


1.    Be interested

Take interest in her, right from her birthday.  Watch her movements as a baby, listen, play, and read with her as a child, and enquire her about friends, and give her the confidence that you are genuinely interested in her.

2.    Listen to her

Most daughters love to talk and they generally talk more than boys. Listen to her talks, dreams and wishes and keep the secrets that she shares with you, whether good or bad.

3.    Offer support

Offering support and confidence in difficult situations works a long way than scolding or lecturing during such times.

4.    Encourage and give confidence

Teach her “guy” things such as home repairs, along with the daily routine activities such as reading new books, and driving. Encourage her to undertake and successfully complete tasks she likes by simply being with her and supporting her.

5.    Communicate:

  • Sharing problems: Develop in her the confidence to come and speak to you openly about any concern/topic she may have, the same way she does with her mother.
  • Express yourself - openly and honestly: Convey all your feelings – love, thoughts, appreciations, disappointments to her openly and in a supportive manner. This will help her appreciate your feelings.

6.    Show her that you trust her

Convey that you trust her. Be it about decisions taken by her or about sharing a secret with you.

7.    Accept her


Whether you agree or disagree, support and accept her decisions graciously as long as the choice/ decision, taken by her are legitimate. In cases when they are not, speak to her and analyse various options together and deal with the situation.

8.    Let her make mistakes and learn

Do not scold your daughter for taking wrong decisions and making mistakes. Instead, teach her to be responsible for her decisions and learn from mistakes.

9.    Have fun time together

Spend special moments together. Watch movies, shop, and play different games. Act as if you both are of same age, which will help her to open up and to look forward to such times.

10.    Tell her that she is beautiful

Compliment her for her smile, hair, and the dazzling sparkle in her eyes. State the importance of a beautiful heart and inner beauty than outer beauty.

Love, communication and acceptance are the means to develop a strong father – daughter relationship. Cherish yours!




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