Tips to Build a Strong Dad Daughter Relationship

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Tips to Build a Strong Dad Daughter Relationship

Tips to Build a Strong Dad Daughter Relationship - Building a strong dad daughter relationship is important for the healthy upbringing of daughter. It is always wise to start early to strenthen the roots of your bonding.

Pratima Sharma
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Father and daughterThe father is the first and often the most important man in a girl’s life! She loves to idolise him in every sphere and looks up to him for all the support and security she needs. Therefore, it is very important to build a strong dad-daughter relationship for her healthy upbringing and overall well-being. A great father-daughter bond encourages a young girl to build strong self confidence as she matures into a lady and also develops a mindset which promotes harmonious equations with other relations she might develop during the course of her life.

Although parenting skills of both parent is considered to be crucial for the healthy upbringing of a child, if it is a daughter, the role of a father needs to be a lot more inspiring and focused. Ideally, he should be her friend, guide, teacher, mentor and a figure she can resort to in times of despair and desolation. Although a mother is often considered to be the daughter’s best pal, it is the father who can really bring about positive changes in her life. Therefore, the dad-daughter chemistry is especially crucial for both.


How can the relationship be strengthened? 

In order to build a truly strong dad-daughter relationship it’s always better to start early in the day. It’s important to build a strong foundation at the very outset so that a healthy relationship can strengthen its roots gradually as time passes. Some effective tips can come in handy here. Some of these might include:


  • The trust building exercise is very important for the health of the relationship. You need to be able to maintain consistency in your behavior and be truthful towards your ward at all times. This will help her in instilling faith and trust in you. In order to build a strong relationship, it’s very important that she confides in you fully.
  • Remember, since a relationship is built between two people, both are likely to have expectations from it. Therefore, right from the outset your needs and wants should be clearly stated to each other. Open communications are crucial in the relation building process. If your daughter is too young, that is not reason enough to dismiss her inputs. You should encourage her to speak out and attempt to understand what she has to say. This culture should continue to persist as she grows up through the years.
  • It is very important to share your experiences with your little girl in order to develop the father-daughter equation progressively through the years. The moment you start sharing your personal experiences with her, she will certainly attempt to understand you and your mannerisms and inclinations better. Moreover, these could prove to be educative sessions for you as well.
  • Planning some collaborative activities should also do your relationship a whole lot of good. Be her friend, guide, teacher, and mentor; a figure she can resort to in times of despair and desolation.
  • It is important to accept each other’s flaws. You need to lead by example and attempt to gradually explain this to your daughter. 
  • The easiest and probably the most important thing to do for a strong relationship is to show affection for each other.


These are some practical tips to help your relationship and build strong tie between dad and daughter. There could be others which are increasingly case specific.



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