Tips on Starting a New Relationship

Updated at: Aug 23, 2012
Tips on Starting a New Relationship

Tips on starting a new relationship: With some tips on starting a new relationship give here, you can make sure that your new attempt at a relationship does not meet with the same fate as your earlier one.

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DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Aug 21, 2012

Tips on Starting a New Relationship

After your relationship turns sour, starting a new one naturally makes you wary. People react differently to such situations. While some fall into the trap of becoming too alert that they just do not allow for a new one, there are some who mistake the next platonic affair to be the real deal. According to relationship experts, some tips on starting a new relationship can help such people be prepared to try a relationship all over again.


Tips for starting a new relationship

Stop recalling your ex

Once you have decided to move on, avoid the mention of your ex if it is not necessary. If you keep bringing up your ex in your talks with your new partner, it will undermine what you are trying to build with him/her. Your ex is like a stale fish which you do not need to consider at all. Other than mentioning your ex in passing, there is no point in dragging him/her from the past.

Avoid people lacking integrity

As you have gained some experience on the kind of person that is likely to make the relationship turn sour, use it to your advantage. You need to manage your new relationship bearing in mind that it takes integrity in a person to build a successful one. So, if you get acquainted with a person you like but lacks integrity, do not allow your emotions to hold sway.

Set your priorities

Your previous bad experience at having a relationship can perhaps make you realise that it is not wise to have too many expectations from your partner. It would also make you learn about the essentials of a relationship and how it can be made to last. Be more firm about your values this time around. Never compromise on these essential priorities in your new relationship.

Birds of the same feather

If you and your partner are of the same interests, it would make keeping a relationship a lot easier. Moreover, you should also try to visit places where there are people of similar interests to yours. Some people may enjoy dancing; some other may be the adventurous type, while some are high brow and prefer intellectual company. Being in the company of people with the same interests as yours would further the bond between the two of you.

Sex can wait

It is advisable to let your new relationship flourish into something you cherish before jumping in the sac. This usually means waiting at least for a month for having sex. Even if you wait for a year, it would give you plenty of time to have sex in the future.

If you follow the new relationship advice given above, it would make your task of finding the right companion easier.


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