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Tips for Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents

Updated at: Oct 22, 2012
Written by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: May 19, 2012
Tips for Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents

Meeting your boyfriend's parents may be nerve-wracking, but tips here will help you sail through easily.

Tips for Meeting Your Boyfriend ParentsOne fine evening, you are enjoying an early dinner with your boyfriend and he pauses for a second and follows with “let’s have dinner with my parents tomorrow” the next, would you tell him straight that you won’t or would you react as if it is a pleasant surprise? The famous adage that you won’t get a second chance if you don’t make the first impression is indeed true. To avoid putting a damper on your relationship, check out these tips for meeting your boyfriend’s parents before the big day peaks over your head.



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Give Special Attention to Timing

Before you agree to meeting his parents, make sure that both of you are on the same chapter in terms of the significance of meeting his parents. You being asked to meet his parents may indicate that he wants to move a step ahead from where both of you stand in a relationship. Make sure that you ask your boyfriend as to what kind of meeting he is suggesting such as a casual barbecue or a formal dinner with other relatives.



Your boyfriend may be the only common thing that you share with his parents, but you should ensure that you make the right effort to knowing them before meeting. Pump out details about how your boyfriend’s parents met, where they grew up etc from your boyfriend. You never know when you find something common to relate to with his parents.



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Watch your PDA

Although, kissing, holding hands and cuddling is part of a romantic relationship, fawning all over your boyfriend in front of his parents is definitely not the right thing to do. As awkward as it is to see people get extremely affectionate in public, having one’s child involved is even worse. His parent may be cool about your hugging and kissing him in front of them, but it is important to consider that it may be disrespectful in the first meeting. You should remind yourself about the focus of the meeting, which is interacting and getting close to his parents.


Carry a Gift

A gift to your boyfriend’s parents is just the thing to break the ice the first time you meet them. It is, however, important to define what a decent gift is and what is not. Ask your boyfriend the right gift you can give his parents. You sure don’t want to end up buying something that his parents can’t make use of such sweets if either of them is diabetic.


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