5 Tips for Keeping a Relationship Fresh

Jun 20, 2012

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Tips for Keeping a Relationship Fresh

Whether you share a long distance relationship, are married, or have a live-in relationship, it is imperative to keep your relationship fresh and alive. A relationship lacking in fun, excitement and spice starts weakening and may fizzle out in no time. Other than keeping the emotional attachment intact,  it is of crucial importance in a relationship to keep sex and romance afresh and unwavering.

Go out on Dates
Who said married people can’t date. Dating your wife or husband may sound unusual, but it is an excellent idea, which adds enjoyment and fun in your relationship. Keep your family responsibilities and professional obligations aside and plan to go for a dinner, a movie or a long drive may also give ample time to spend with each other.  

Surprise each other
How about getting your wife/girlfriend vouchers of the best beauty parlour in the town? Or getting your husband a brand new watch or a laptop? A small trip minus children or idea of another honeymoon can help you rediscover your relationship. In this way you can recreate those moments when nothing mattered to you guys other than being together. Surprises make your partner feel special and rejuvenate the lost love and romance. It also increases your chances of getting a surprise in return, sometime soon!

Exchange Vows Again
Exchanging vows is relatively common in the west. However, it’s completely a new idea for Indians. Couples who have been married for 10 or more years can renew their experience of getting married. This can be exciting for them as well as fun for their children. If it was an Indian traditional wedding for you, then this time you may go for a beach wedding. Recreate those exquisite moments and as they say “fall in love again”.

Value it Daily
It requires regular efforts on your part to remind your partner that there is an unending love that both of you share. Little surprises, such as leaving naughty notes on the dining table or preparing favourite meal for dinner will surely keep the relationship interesting. These efforts will remind you both the value of each others’ presence in your lives.  

Never let boredom enter your bedroom

Healthy sex life is the key to a strong and unwavering relationship. It not only satisfies your sexual needs, but also builds everlasting emotional attachment. To keep your relationship fresh, check out some ideas to spice up your sex life online.

For an undying relationship, it is of utmost importance for both the partners to keep a relationship interesting. The rate at which divorce cases are multiplying, partners need to put in extra efforts for preventing their relationship from going haywire.


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