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Tips to Keep your Sex Life Alive after Marriage

Snr By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 11, 2012
Tips to Keep your Sex Life Alive after Marriage

Keeping Sex Life Alive after Marriage: Relationship between couple goes through several phases after marriage, and sometimes sex life tend to suffer. Few considerations can help couples to keep passion alive in their sexual relationship.

Tips to Keep your Sex Life Alive after Marriage

One of the important aspects for maintaining healthy relationship is keeping sex life alive after marriage. Most of the couples also expect that sexual entanglement will strengthen bond between them, and take care of their relationship. There are several ways for increasing intimacy in relationships.

Detailed below are some effective ways to keep passionate spark alive in your sexual relationship:

Intimacy is Essential

One of the requisites to enjoy happy sex life is intimacy, which is often confused with sex. Being intimate help couples to reconnect with each other and forget chaotic life outside. One also needs to understand that intimacy is not restricted to bedroom. Activities like cooking together, massaging each other, reading for each another and learning together can also include intimacy acts.

Communicate Freely

Trust your partner and communicate openly about everything you have in mind. Your partner will become more comfortable when they know your sexual preferences and choice. Don’t leave it for your partner to read your mind. Marriage is more of a combination of a loving relationship and friendship. One must ascertain to choose words and actions wisely while communicating with each other so that relationship does not suffer. Another important aspect of communication is being a good listener, as it helps responding in appropriate manner.

Plan Outings On a Regular Basis

Spare time for outings and dating activity. Tell someone relative to look for your kids, and go out for a dinner or a movie show like old times. Such acts will also allow you to discuss other things going on your respective lives. Outings help in establishing reconnections, convening emotions and moreover maintaining enjoying in a relationship. During these outings you will have several options to get intimate.

Being Playful and Unpredictable

Make your relationship playful. You can always try some fairy things like lighting candles, teasing each other for strawberries and celebrations with bottle of champagne. Massaging each other is another affection-filled way of being playful.

Spice up your sexual relationship by being unpredictable. Always carry ideas and venture into new things. In this manner, unpredictable acts will not only add excitement but also help in cruising relationship further and further.



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