Tips For Teenage Girls To Put On Weight

Updated at: Dec 12, 2013
Tips For Teenage Girls To Put On Weight

Skinny is not so appealing and hence, the desire to have a gracefully curvacious body is also what teenage girls long for. Teenage girls should eat right, exercise right and cook right, among some other tasks, to put on weight.

Dipti Ashtikar
Weight ManagementWritten by: Dipti AshtikarPublished at: Dec 19, 2011

There are so many problems that teenage girl has to go through. Add to it a problem with weight, and the burden seems too big to carry. Most teenage girls are underweight. With puberty and with sedentary lifestyle led by the teens, it is necessary for teenagers to be more energetic.

teen girl weight gainSkinny is not so appealing and hence, the desire to have a gracefully curvacious body is also what teenage girls long for. This article will help those teenage girls relax. Mentioned below are a few tips for teenage girls to put on weight. These tips will come in handy if properly followed.


Eat right

When you want to put on weight, it does not mean that you binge on fatty food such as chocolates, cakes and junk food. In order to increase weight you need to eat fruits and vegetables that are high in calories and sugar like bananas, melons and chickoos or Sapodilla. Also never skip your breakfast. Eat good amount of carbohydrates such as wheat, whole grains and rice. Increase protein in your diet, as it will help in weight gain. Stay away from junk food; it will increase your weight but in an unhealthy way.


Drink right

Water will help you gain weight as it helps in weight loss. However, you need to increase the consumption of fruit juices and other liquids. Include milk in your daily diet. Add protein powders in your milk to speed up the process of weight gain.


Sleep right

Try to sleep for 8 hours every night. A strict no to late nights. Sleeping right is important to remain healthy. Try to take a small nap in the afternoon if your schedule permits you.


Cook right

When you are on a quest to increase your weight, there is no other guaranteed method that is to cook your own food and enjoy it. Make delicious omelette and add cheese to it. Make sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly and relish them with your friends. However, remember not to load yourself with empty calories, as they will only lead to an unhealthy and un-required weight gain.

Exercise right

There are certain exercises that will help you build muscles, which will, in turn, increase your weight. Weight training exercises are ideal for putting on weight. Join a gym or take weight-training lessons from a personal trainer and ensure that you do them everyday.


Well, in addition to these tips for teenage girls to put on weight, go for walks, take up dance classes so that these tire you and make you hungry enough to eat well. Whatever you eat, whenever you eat and wherever you eat, ensure that you keep eat healthy. Snack on fruits and dry fruits in between meals. Keep away from junk food and carbonated drinks. Don’t take supplements on your own without consultation. Follow the above tips and you will begin to feel the difference in a short time.




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