Tips for a Successful Marriage

Updated at: May 19, 2015
Tips for a Successful Marriage

Marriage needs both the partners to make efforts everyday to strengthen the bond they share. Marriage will not last if only one of the partners is compromising and trying to work on the marriage.

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DatingWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Feb 24, 2011

Marriage needs both the partners to make efforts everyday to strengthen the bond they share. Marriage will not last if only one of the partners is compromising and trying to work on the marriage. It takes two to get married and two to make it last.

  • Open communication: Couples should share their day-to-day lives and discuss various other issues they are dealing with everyday. Not only it helps to know what is happening with each others lives but it also helps when you share and seek solutions from each other. Any issues which the partners have with each other should be shared peacefully and steps should be taken to resolve them.
  • Care and attention: Partners need to be attentive and caring about each others needs. Being attentive about your spouse’s changing moods can tell you what is affecting him. Inquire about any difficulties they may be facing and be supportive. Mood changes can be stress related, pay attention on what can be causing the stress.
  • Sharing responsibilities: Share household responsibilities whether it is domestic or financial, it is important if both the partners pitch in. If both the partners are working, it is wrong if only one partner is shouldering all the domestic responsibilities. Even if one of the partners is staying at home, the other partner should chip in with even a little amount of domestic chore. Financial responsibilities should be shared by the partners as the burden to maintain a standard of living should not rest on only one person.
  • Adjustments and sacrifice: Various instances will emerge in a relationship where one of the partners has to adjust or sacrifice according to situation. Adjustments should never be one sided only as the other partner should adjust accordingly given a different scenario. Partners should acknowledge each other for their commitment.
  • Private time together: Sometimes spending time alone is essential for couples so as to get the sparks back in their relationship. Being away from domestic chores can be relaxing and a break in the routine way of life is essential. Spontaneity is important in a marriage for being away from rut and mundane pattern of living. It can help couples bond better.
  • Intimacy: It is important to keep the spark alive which you shared earlier. Take care of your health and appearance. Maintain yourself and your attractiveness quotient to convey that you still take the relationship seriously. An active love life with lot of bonding activities will help.
  • Appreciation: Acknowledge each others positive points and be generous with compliments. Appreciation should not only be limited to appearance but also regarding special gestures and everyday chores help a lot. Your partner feels valued for his/her work.
  • Faith and respect: Shared values and ethics and complying with it make a marriage work. Respect your partner for what he/she is and do not be critical about them, after all you fell in love with the person for the way he/she is. Have faith and be loyal to your partner in all aspects of your life.



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