5 Tips for Starting a Relationship

Updated at: Jul 03, 2012
5 Tips for Starting a Relationship

To start a new relationship, you must know how to pop the question other than knowing each other well.

Gunjan Rastogi
DatingWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Jun 21, 2012

5 Tips for Starting a Relationship

New relationships add excitement in life and support you during face tough times in life. Beginning a relationship can be daunting as you may be clueless about how to start. The foremost thing to start a relationship is tiding over your past and accepting that you need to move ahead. Look forward to a fresh beginning with new relationship tips given below:

Let go your past

The biggest threat to any new relationship is the emotional wounds of past. While a new relationship is budding, put off the baggage of your forgettable past. If you keep bothering about your past even when you have a lovely relationship to look ahead, you may sabotage your present as well as future. Take ample time to resolve the anger, guilt and disappointments of your past and make a resolution that you’ll no longer stick to the dreadful past memories.

Be realistic

You may wish to have certain qualities in your partner, but keep your expectations realistic. Avoid fairy-tale thinking. Undoubtedly, one’s looks, weight, age, height, financial success and family are considerable factors while entering into a relationship, but also value his/her abilities, qualities and positive thinking. While respecting one’s dignity, also maintain your self-respect, love yourself and remember that relationship doesn’t mean complete dependence on your partner. Before starting to date a person, it would be better if you take a look into their past and know their life history to stay safe.

Building the foundation

Don’t be eager to pop the question about marriage. Relax; there is no need to rush into a relationship. The other person may misinterpret your eagerness. If you meet your “desired one” in college or office every day, no need to shower extra care or concern suddenly. Stick to your normal routine, but you can surely give him/her some appropriate signals. To develop intimacy, become a good friend first. This will open the lines of communication between both of you and aid in building a strong base for love to blossom. More the trust in your friendship, more will be the understanding between both of you.

Getting Attuned

Don’t take years to be a friend and divulging your intentions, be prompt.  Find an appropriate opportunity to talk to him/her about your intentions. Let him/her know your hopes of spending your future together. Be honest about what you desire- a long-term relationship or a just a fling. Tell the truth rather than making assumptions. Ask what he/she thinks about getting into a relationship. Telling your real plans will prevent you both from miscommunications, misinterpretations, hurt feelings, lost time and bruised egos.

Know what s/he desires

Now that you have popped the question, he/she will obviously take time to response. Give his/her personal space and time alone to decide about this question. If you get an affirmative response, regardless of time taken by your love to answer, nothing like it. If unfortunately the person has other plans, commitments or isn’t ready to take the plunge, don’t be disheartened or dejected. You may be destined for a better person. Keep no hard feelings against the person and don’t let it affect the friendship between both of you.


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