Tips for Pregnant Women on Holi

Updated at: May 18, 2015
Tips for Pregnant Women on Holi

Playing holi during pregnancy can lead to severe medical complications to you and your baby. To play a safe holi without hurting yourself and foetus, read tips for pregnant women on Holi.

Gunjan Rastogi
PregnancyWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Mar 03, 2012

Pregnant Women on HoliPlaying Holi during pregnancy can land you in a number of disastrous troubles. For your good health and your foetus’s well-being, it is advisable that you avoid playing holi this year or follow the given advices on celebrating Holi without inviting trouble:

1.Colours used on holi, commonly known as gulal, are synthetic and contain a number of toxic chemicals, which have harmful effects on the skin. Use of these colours by pregnant women may result in premature birth, low birth weight, miscarriage or abortion. Synthetic colours contain lead oxide, copper sulphate, industrial dyes and pieces of crushed glass. These colours can affect your nervous system, kidneys and the reproductive system. If you want to play with gulal on holi while you are pregnant, use of herbal colours is advisable.
2.Holy celebration with water is a complete no as playing with water increases your chances of slipping on the floor. Falling in pregnancy can cause unimaginable consequences. It could cause a miscarriage, brain injuries to the foetus, displacement of the foetus and other physiological defects.  Slipping in the early period of the last trimester may result in premature caesarean delivery, which has its own disadvantages. Therefore, a dry holi can save you from such unfortunate mishappenings.

3. Another thing you must avoid on this holi is Bhang lassi (the holi drink).  Bhang is an intoxicant that can make you feel sleepy and drowsy. It has narcotic properties, which can result in falling on the ground. Consumption of bhang can increase heart rate, blood pressure and bring other detrimental effects. Bhang can affect foetus’s nervous system and brain.

4. During pregnancy, many women develop gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes goes away with childbirth, but its occurrence can result in caesarean section, stillbirth, low birth weight, obese child, large baby and high blood pressure in the mother. On holi, a pregnant woman needs to keep a track of her intake of fatty and sugary food. Such food may satisfy your cravings, but harm you and your baby. Therefore, it is recommended that you consume less of sugary and fatty food on this holi. Celebrate this holi with sugar-free sweets and healthy snacks.

5. If you already have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it is better to avoid holi sweets and snacks. Consuming sweets will further increase your already elevated blood sugar level and fatty food affects the cholesterol level thereby, causing severe complications of gestational diabetes such as birth defects in the child, stillbirth and obese child.  Women, who have gestational diabetes, have higher chances of developing type 2 diabetes in the later stages of life. Therefore, it’s better to avoid sugary food on holi when you are pregnant.


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