Tips for Office Romance

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Tips for Office Romance

Dating Tips – An office romance seems like an adventure. However, keeps our tips in mind so that you don’t err in some way and end up losing your guy/girl and your job!

Arpita De
DatingWritten by: Arpita DePublished at: Aug 24, 2011

Office romanceSneaking a look at each other, holding hands under the table and saving a seat during lunch; well these are the little nothings that add spark to an office romance. On the other hand, an office romance can be a sticky affair if your colleagues come to know of it prematurely and the rumour mill starts working overtime!


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Tips for Office Romance


Stay off PDA


The most important tip for an office romance is to stay off public display of affection. Steer clear of this very evident nudge that will make people wonder and then ‘assume’ unless you are a two people organisation!  Stealing that kiss near the photocopier machine might just spell trouble for you in case someone sees you. The last thing you want to do is come under the suspicious radar of HR.


Spend Time with Colleagues


Eating with the apple of your eye might sound and feel romantic but you are losing out on essential bonding time with colleagues. Believe me, you need the support and trust of your colleagues to survive corporate labyrinth. Important information is shared during lunch and coffee breaks. Make it a point to be a team player and not love struck all the time!

Romance, but not on the Office’s Expense


Spending a romantic date together and that too on a weekday, is a dream come true for most. But make sure you are not charging your office’s miscellaneous account for the date! If the two of you are sent out together for an assignment and you decide to make hay while the sun shines, do it with your own money. This is important because if excesses are noticed by the finance department, it will not be long before your office romance becomes a known affair!


Love Notes No-No


Exchanging sweet nothings over the company IM and writing cute e-mails to each other during the days seems like the most natural thing to do. However, beware because ‘Big Brother’ is watching you. It is no hidden secret that your correspondences over the company’s e-mail is monitored and read. Do you want to be the couple whose intimate e-mails are printed out and presented to you by some IT guy? We think not! Stick to SMSs and BB chat if you can’t stop talking to each other.


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Keep it Professional


So, you are in the middle of an office romance and boom, your boss pits the two of you for a position or a competitive project. Catch 22 anyone! We don’t think so. It all depends on which level your office romance is on. A casual fling will mean that the two of you can compete with nothing to lose. Each will think for herself and himself. However, in case you are serious about each other it is better to proceed with caution. If your office romance can survive the onslaught of competition, then may the best woman/man win! But if you know that it will stir up problems, talk about it and mutually decide.


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What if you Break-Up?


Breaking up is a messing affair be it an office romance or not. Our tip for you is to think it through and communicate. After all communication is the key; even during a break-up! Talk to each other and if one of you is feeling the pangs of anger and frustration, bring it out in the open. A nasty break-up will worsen the situation at office and may also lead to termination.


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