Tips for Heart Patients during Winters

Updated at: Aug 05, 2018
Tips for Heart Patients during Winters

Heart diseases should never be taken lightly,especially during winters.Various researches and experts have always suggested winters as one of the most cautious periods for people suffering from heart ailments.

Heart HealthWritten by: ExpertPublished at: Dec 26, 2016

Heart diseases should never be taken lightly, especially during winters. Various researches and experts have always suggested winters as one of the most cautious periods for people suffering from heart ailments. Doctors have usually noticed that there is an increase in heart attacks by around 50% during the harsh season.

The heart has to work harder to maintain body heat during winter. As the temperature drops, arteries tend to shrink and tighten which in turn restricts blood flow and reduces oxygen supply. Cold weather, being indoors more often, lack of vitamin D and changes in the daylight to nighttime ratio all play a role in increasing a person's overall risk of cardiac problems during the winter.

Heart health

Hence, it becomes important for heart patients to protect themselves during the cold season. By following a careful approach during winter, one can try and avoid problems.

Avoid walks during chilly mornings, however it is essential to get some vitamin D naturally

Cold mornings without sun are not the best time to have a walk for heart patients. Blood pressure can naturally spike in mornings which holds a greater risk of heart attack. It is also advisable to take walks during evenings in the mild sun. One should also take break during the walks.

Stick to your exercise routine

Cold weathers tend to make one lethargic. However, it is necessary to stick to your regular exercise routine without changing it. Making changes in your exercise can cause disharmony in the natural rhythm of the body and can affect heart. It is also important to warm-up before working out to avoid stressing

Avoid skipping meals and medication

It is important to indulge in healthy food and avoid fried food especially during winters. It is also vital to eat you meals at regular time and not go hungry. Similarly, it is important to consult your doctors before winter and take the right kind of medications. Also, don’t forget to drink water and if you think you’d need reminders, do make use of mobile applications which help set timely reminders for the same.

Don’t Stress

Stressing and winter are not a good combination for your heart. It is important for heart patients to not stress at any given time, but this becomes extremely important during winter. Whether it is work stress or personal problems, it is important to deal with things positively and stay happy.

Take care for your health

Your immune system is lowest during winter which leads to spreading of infections. It is extremely important to stay healthy and away from flu. Visit your doctor even in case of slightest fever or cold. Early treatments will keep help you recover soon and stay healthy.

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Inputs by Dr. Abhijeet Palshikar, Interventional Cardiologist, Sahyadri Hospitals

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