Tips for a First-Time Dads

Updated at: Dec 17, 2012
Tips for a First-Time Dads

Newborn care- First- time dad may find it difficult to adjust to the new changes in life. This article includes some tips on how to be a great dad.

Bushra Kafeel
Newborn CareWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jan 06, 2012

First-time fathers often find it difficult to fit in their new role of ‘Dad’. You may have to undergo significant adjustment period for few weeks but all it is not that difficult. Here are some tips that will surely help the first time dads.

Don’t be afraid

New dads are afraid of holding their baby. It is quite natural to be afraid but you can learn how to hold your new one. You can take help of people around, it can be the doctor, midwife, nurse or an experienced relative of yours.

Eye contact


Eye contact with your baby will strengthen your bond with baby. With the help of computer enhanced researches we know that babies are attracted towards human face in general and eye contact in particular. So increase eye contact with your baby. One thing to be noted here is that babies can clearly see only up to a foot in front of them. Therefore stay close to them, smile and also look into their eyes.

Spend time with your baby

An important tip for new dad is to spend quality time with baby. New dads don’t spent time with their baby. This can be either due to their busy schedule or because fear of handling new one keeps them away.

Initially, the researchers of father-infant bonding studies couldn’t find enough data to conduct study. Therefore the serious researches in this scenario are only 30 years old. It is evident from the present researches that the more time father spends with infant the better. Spending time with your baby will not only give you good memories but will also improve father-child bond.

Besides time another important thing you need to have is tolerance. You must be tolerant and have patience as you and your new baby get to know each other. Remember that your baby is as new to this earth as you are to fatherhood, so have some tolerance.

Change your baby’s diapers

According to a study, fathers who helped in diapering their baby had good bond with both the baby as well as mother. Strange? But true. The study further revealed that father who helped in diapering had stronger, better and long lasting marriage.

Remember that it is only breast feeding that you cannot do. You can help your wife to change baby’s diaper, soothe crying baby, play with baby and any other thing that your baby needs.


Be considerate to new mother

Post delivery, mother needs extra rest to recover. She has to wake up in mid of night to attend new baby. Even if you have to go to work you can call her up or can surprise her by bringing healthy takeout food for her.


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