Tips for Choosing a Bathtub for your Baby

Updated at: Oct 19, 2011
Tips for Choosing a Bathtub for your Baby

Newborn Care- Baby's safety must be the first priority while selecting the bathtub. Slip resistance and strength of bathtub must be the main criteria for selection.

Pratima Sharma
Newborn CareWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Oct 19, 2011

Baby Bathtub is one of important items you need to obtain before you get your bundle of joy home. The market is replete with options and choosing the right bathtub for your baby can be confusing job. However, once you evaluate your options and pre-requisites, choosing a bathtub can be an easy task.

Although bathtubs are highly useful products, bath tub safety should be observed at all times by caregivers. According to lead researcher Dr. Gary A. Smith, of Nationwide Children’s hospital in Columbus, Ohio, “Parents should use slip-resistant mats in and outside baby bathtubs to avoid slips and falls, and manufacturers should follow the current standard for slip resistance and strength criteria in designing a baby bathtub.” The following tips for choosing a bathtub for your baby will be helpful to new parents.


  • A wide array of bathtubs is available in the market such as hard plastic tubs, foldable tubs and inflatable tubs. Choose the most appropriate one according to your needs and comfort.  Home space constraints should also be considered while buying a baby bathtub. Foldable varieties are more suitable for small areas as they can be kept aside after use. Baby bath tub with adjustable positioners enable you to adjust the bath tub according to the comfort of the growing baby.
  • Choose a plastic bathtub, that it is sturdy enough to carry baby along with the water’s weight.  A soft rubber attached to the base and the top of the tub, enables your baby to enjoy a comfortable head rest while bathing.
  • Select bathtubs with definite support or bottom to avoid unnecessary  slips in the water.  Choose bathtubs with smooth edges, as rough edges could harm the baby’s skin.
  • Always prefer to have slip resistant baby bath tubs to avoid easy slip down of baby into the water.
  • Choose baby bathtubs that include safety features such as thermometer that indicates the water temperature level ideal for your baby and water level indicators that point out the ideal water level safe for your baby.
  • Avoid foam cushion based bathtubs as your baby may easily tear the foam into small pieces and swallow it.
  • Choose bathtubs with few storage spots, so that you can easily store your baby bath supplies such as soap and shampoo. This enables you to have easy access to these supplies while bathing your baby.
  • Choose baby bathtubs with water toys to keep the attention of the baby engaged during bath time.
  • The ideal baby bathtub should be contoured to fit the shape of baby's body. because the comfort of your baby is  crucial. 
  • Its best to go for an infant-to-toddler tub as you will be able to use it for a longer time.


By following the above mentioned tips for choosing a bathtub for your baby, you can ensure all the security, comfort and convenience required to bathe a baby comfortably.


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