10 Tips for Blind Date

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
10 Tips for Blind Date

Tips for Blind date - If you find going on a blind date wearisome, know all about setting up one with due preparation and care for safety. You should go prepared for making an impression on a blind date but also to go away without hurting the feel

Vatsal Anand
DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jun 17, 2011

If you are wary of blind dates and find them to be nerve-wracking, it need not be like that. Follow the 10 tips for blind date and enjoy yourself with safety.


Blind Dating Tips

  • Preparation tips for blind date– Make sure your first impression is a good one. Your dress should suit the occasion, i.e. casuals for a movie but little more formal for dinner date. You can also get a fresh hair cut to look neater. Shower, shave and smell good with cologne. Make yourself your most presentable. You have only one chance to impress, so make sure that your appearance is good. Avoid overdoing any of the dressing up and toiletry stuff.
  • Change your plans if neededIf your date seems to be someone who likes a quiet dinner date, you should change the plan from a party night to a nice quiet dinner.
  • Always pick a public place for a blind date. This not only unburdens your mind from safety point of you, but it is also more enjoyable.
  • Women should especially take some safety precautions on a blind date. Tell a friend about this date and carry a cell phone with you. Better still let the first date be a “double date” where you are accompanied by your friend. If not, make the plans for a short date so that you could leave early in case it is not likeable.
  • Fix up the date for a price range you are comfortable with. It is important that neither of you feel the burden of paying up too much. It is all the more important for men if they decide to pay for both.
  • Do not expect your date to be exactly as you expect. He or she may not be the handsome, funny guy with plenty to splurge; or the vivacious ravishing gal that takes your breath away. Take it as it comes and try to relax without making castles in the air.
  • Good Body Language Being relaxed is important in order to have a good body language. Do not force anything upon you. If you are enjoying yourself, your date should feel it.
  • Come prepared with an exit strategy lest you do not find yourself enjoying your date. It can be a phone call from your friend informing you about an emergency. You may also tell your date beforehand that you have some plans an hour after the date. If you find yourself enjoying the company, tell him/her that you can cancel those plans.
  • Women should not prolong the date if the person is wearing a wedding ring, talks about past relationships, talks negatively about his mother and ex-girlfriends, is not paying attention to you and has a disturbing behaviour.
  • Dating can be embarrassing towards the end. If you want to meet this person again,  can exchanging phone nos. after ending the date is not much of a problem. If you did not like it, do not suggest and neither accept to exchange phone nos. Be upfront but polite in your refusal. One should let the other know that they might not have something going between them.


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