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How to Have a Romantic First Night as Newlyweds?

Snr By Deepika Majumdar , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 02, 2013
How to Have a Romantic First Night as Newlyweds?

First night romance after wedding is perhaps the most wonderful night for any couple but there are nervousness. Here are some tips to make it memorable.

Tips to Enhance the Romance on First Night of Wedding

Tying the nuptial bond is perhaps the biggest turning point in everyone life. Everyone gets excited and dreams of having a caring and lovely life partner. If you are getting hitched very soon, then romance on the first night of wedding is definitely on your mind. You might be feeling nervous sometimes, passionate to think about his or her first touch, a bit of hesitant or too many questions, but too little answers. Plenty of thoughts must be crossing your mind now days.

Every girl or boy dreams about that very first night of wedding. Feelings of romance with your soul mate give you a different excitement always. You must be finding ways of enhancing romance on first night of wedding as the moment you share on that night becomes very precious and unforgettable for a newlywed couple. An idealistic first night helps in strengthening the bond between you two in a better way. It helps in bringing harmony of happiness in married life.


Here are few tips to enhance the romance on first night of wedding:


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Forget Worries and be Comfortable

All the hype created about the romance on first night of wedding can make the newlywed couple nervous. No matter how much frank you both are with each other, a bit of hesitation still remains. To express your feelings of love is not so easy first time. Remember that you are going to have lots of memorable nights together and this is just the beginning. Just try to make sure that your partner is comfortable with you. Share your feelings with each other and try to control your over excitement. Relax in each other’s company. Enjoy being pampered and reciprocate the same to your partner. Hugs and kisses can set the perfect mood. The rest follows as a natural progression. Just give in to the moment and let your feelings lead the way.


Do Not Rush, Just Relax

Avoid making any hasty moves. You must be waiting for ages to make romance on first night of wedding, but don’t ruin the fun. Make your partner feel that you are welcoming them to your life; show care with lots of love. Just hold their hands and you can enjoy the blushing face of your newlywed bride. Get drool in this magical moment of love. Make your partner relax and feel secure with small hug.


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Give Memorable Gifts

There is a tradition of exchanging gifts on first night of wedding. To make this night even more special, groom gifts his beautiful bride something precious. It’s a saying that gift of this night remains precious for her for her entire life. Even bride can gift something really nice to please her prince charming. The cheerful smile on your partner’s face to see the wedding night gift will fill romance in the moment. So, make right selection of gift as it needs to be unique.


Be Romantic 

If you are good in playing with words, then you can think to plan out something very nice to say to your soul mate. It would get even better, if you can sing a song for them as an expression of your feelings. Don’t get disappointed, if you cannot, as it’s the words that have the profound effect. Take a vow to take care of each other and to be together in every walk of life. This will certainly enhance the romance on first night of your wedding and your better half will fall doubly in love with you.

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