Tips on Dealing with Rejection in Love

Updated at: Jun 17, 2013
Tips on Dealing with Rejection in Love

Rejection is love is not an easy deal, but you can turn things around and make it better for yourself. Take a look at a few tips that will help you to deal with a rejection.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jun 17, 2013

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Your beating heart that once was the manifestation of your feelings for a special one has now stopped in a sudden blatant step. There is the feeling of anguish for not being given a chance, the mixed feelings of sorrow and despair, and all in all a thorough sense of grief. Rejection in matters of the heart is not easy; no one said it would be in the first place. So, if you had the heart to fall for someone, you must have the heart to fall out of it too, to think of it, isn’t it better that this happened right at the start?

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Here is how you can recover gracefully from rejection in love:

Don’t Take it Personally

Most times people tend to take such rejections so personally that they seem to hate the other person, which not the correct approach. The two of you may have been friends for a long time and you may have developed feelings, but the other person didn’t. So, do not be so sour, as you could lose a valuable person on your life by being so. Other times when you tend to think that this person is interested just based on one interaction or a passing smile then you are doing it wrong. People most times are being nice, and that doesn’t really mean that he or she is head over heels on you. Understand these circumstances and only then you will realise that such an event should not be taken personally, you tried and you lost, is it a big deal? No.

A New Muse

Being rejected doesn’t mean that your life ends here; on the contrary it is the mark of a new beginning. It is not time to sulk anymore, why to waste time on someone who doesn’t realise your worth? Therefore, you should look towards greener pastures, and hunt for someone new; it is never too late to do that. You are bound to be demoralised but that will just be a hindrance to any further romantic adventure. Your heart is a wanderer; let it roam to search for a new dwelling.

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Let it be

This is a priceless tip for anything that makes you low, there is nothing better than letting it be. You cannot do anything about someone not romantically inclined to you and so what is the best thing? Just let it be and let go. The truth is that it won’t be that easy, but you must try and the result will be alarming. You will find your mind at peace, you will be a different person then, and once again you will be able to focus on your life and work. Do you really want to plead and whine in front of someone who does not understand your worth? Ask yourself this question every time you want to go and beg for a little love, such a love is a waste. So, just let it be and let go.

Everyone is not the same

Girls seem to have this terrific animosity for the male race if a boy does them wrong, this is entirely baseless and weird. This will only make your life and others life around you miserable. Do not generalise people, do not think that everyone is just the same. You will ruin your possibility of meeting new people and broadening your horizon. Never ever generalise people, you are getting the entire thing wrong, and you will be living with bitter hatred in your heart all your life.

It is of primary importance to keep a positive attitude about the whole thing, let us hypothetically say that Casanova was rejected in one such dreadful case. What would he have done? When you are in the game you should learn to lose.

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