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Tips on dating Someone with a Baby

Updated at: Nov 05, 2012
Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Nov 02, 2012
Tips on dating Someone with a Baby

It can be a challenge to date someone with a baby because it is far more complicated than you think. Here we guide you to sweep past the troubled tide and win over your date and the kid too.

Tips on dating Someone with a Baby

Dating  a single mother or father can be very tricky, as you will not only have to impress your love interest but also the little one, especially if he or she is at a growing stage. In such a tricky situation, you cannot behave the same way you once did when you dated others. So here are some pointers to help you date someone with a baby without any problems.


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  • Take it Seriously

The foremost thing to remember when dating someone with a baby is that this is a serious deal, so do not play tricks or be deceitful. You are either in it completely or you aren’t there at all, there are no shades of gray about it. You must be aware of the fact that single mothers and fathers do not date for fun anymore; they look for commitment, because they have a lot to worry  and take care of. Bringing up a child is not easy, so be considerate.


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  • Be Reasonable

Your date is a single parent, and this comes with a lot of responsibilities, hence, you must be understanding and reasonable at all times. Do not expect him or her to be by your sideor all over you throughout the day; they have far more important issues to handle in their lives. Don’t keep high expectations from your date insteadyou must try and help him/ her in every possible way. For instance start with lending a hand by taking the baby to the doctor.


  • Speak before Taking a Leap

If the feelings are mutual and the two of you want to be in the relationship,  you must remember to have a  conversation . This is no casual relationship, and any confusion should be aired out at the very beginning. The talk however, doesn’t mean that the two of you are going to get hitched right away; it is just to understand what of the either of you expects while dating, so that there is no possibility of ant misunderstanding.


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  • Get to know the Kid


The way to a single parent’s heart is through the kids, and this should be your quote for this dating saga which you are embarking on. Therefore, try your best to spend time and pamper the baby; while it is true that babies cannot really express themselves as boldly as kids do, yet they show their likes and dislike through their goofy expressions. Make sure that the little one does adore you.


Rules are meant to be broken; but sometimes some rules are worth sticking to, i.e., only if a sunlit expression is what you yearn for in life.


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