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Tips to Date on a Rainy Day

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 12, 2013
Tips to Date on a Rainy Day

Do not waste a rainy day and think of it as a curse, look outside and you will know that love is all around you. Some tips for a rainy day date.

paper heart stuck on wet glass pane

The rustle of the dry leaves, the darkening of clouds followed by a bolt of lightning, and before people run to save their clothes hung out to dry, the clouds burst open. The rains come with a gloomy promise, but there is something romantic about it, as the smell of earth drives you mad you want to belong to something. May be a date would do? Have you ever watched your lover’s eyes in quiet amazement as the rains played music, and the world seemed surreal?

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Try it, and you would know the essence of a rainy date, here are a few tips:

Take a Walk

A walk with your love interest on a rainy day is like a dream song. Can you imagine? As rain trickles down the leaves and branches to fall on the ground and birds show up hopping from place to place, the two of you would just be walking though all of this. You need to pick a sidewalk, and make sure that it is not pouring; the best time to take a walk is after the rain has stopped or may be when it is drizzling a bit. You can share an umbrella and stride through the old roads talking, laughing, and sharing more than you ever did.

Sit Back and Drink a Cup

A rainy day can be irksome for a few people, and so you could opt to sit back at home and have a date. This is a different sort of date, this is where you and that special person sit back and enjoy the scene outside. Pick the window side for this purpose and brew a hot cup of beverage and sit back and relax. Utilize this time to talk to each other, talk about anything that comes up in your mind, you will realise that in such times you will have a lot to say. You could cuddle if you want, and do yourself a favour by switching off your phone please.

Read a Book

You could pick a book and read it together, remember intimacy is not just physical relationship. Go for a romantic novel or those novels written in stream of consciousness narrative mode. This will only add more to your surreal experience. You could take turns and read to each other, this is a good way to spend some quality time during the rains. Intimacy has many facets.

Doing this and that

Remember when you were young and during rainy days you would do whatever pleased you? Like running out to get wet, making paper boats and floating them, collecting water drops, and all those stupid things. Do them again, do them this time with your sweetheart. You could listen to music together, make paper boats and have them to race each other, cook a meal, write a poem, make a song, sit back and dream, take a nap, watch the trees together, get wet outside, do anything and everything that you fancy with your loved one. At the end of the day you will realise how special this day was, but for this the two of you will have to dedicate the entire day for each other.

Rain brings you closer to creation, feel it and you would be witness to this magic.

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