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Tips on Bathing your Baby

Updated at: Jan 30, 2013
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Written by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Jan 30, 2013
Tips on Bathing your Baby

Bath time can be real fun time for your child. But you need to ensure that it is safe as well. Children up to 6years should not be left alone to take a bath especially in a bathtub.


Certain tips to make your child’s bath time safe are

  • Parental Supervision: When you are busy letting your child splash in water is a tempting idea. But do not leave kids younger than about 6 years unsupervised while in any type of water. Young children can slip underwater and can drown even in a couple of inches of water.
  • Water Temperature: Many children every year end up with burn injury due to hot water in the bathroom. To decrease the risk of a serious burn, use a heater that has temperature control switch. Set the temperature of the water at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Ensure that the water is not hot before your child steps in the tub or switches on the shower. Letting your child in the tub when the water is still running can cause burns if the water becomes too hot.
  • Water level: Water level in the tub should be not higher than your child's waist while he or she is sitting down. Teach your child to sit in the tub and not stand while bathing. Avoid bath oils and bubbles as these can lead to urinary tract infections. Don’t allow your to child sit too long in soap-filled water as it can cause drying of skin. Let your child play at the beginning of the bath, and add soap and shampoo at the end.
  • Avoid Injuries: If your child has bath with a shower or bucket and mug be around when they are bathing as they can fall down. Teach your child to dry him or herself completely before walking on bathroom floor. Ensure that the bathroom floor is not slippery, keep a nonslip bath rug near the tub. Keep electric appliances (like hair dryers, heating rods, curling irons) away from your child’s reach.
  • Bath Toys Safety: Most children love to play with toys in the bathroom. However always remember to practice safety in the bathroom. Keep the toys with in your child’s reach to prevent falls. Dry your child’s toy as wet toys promote breeding of bacteria and mold. Discard any broke toy to avoid choking or other injury such as cut. Instruct your children to play gently in the bathroom and not roughly.



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