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Tips to Avoid Painful Canker Sores

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By Vasudha Bhat , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 19, 2014
Tips to Avoid Painful Canker Sores

The reasons behind occurrence of canker sores are yet to be established. So, all you can do is only avoid conditions which make you more vulnerable to them.

Quick Bites
  • Reasons behind occurence of canker sores have not been established.
  • You must avoid conditions which make you more vulnerable to sores.
  • Don't stress your mouth with unhealthy habits.
  • Take care of your mouth and treat it with care.

Medically known as aphthous ulcers, canker sores are the ones which occur inside the mouth causing immense pain. Avoiding these sores completely is not possible, however, avoiding some conditions which can make you more vulnerable to canker sores is possible.

Canker Sore Prevention

What are Canker Sores?

A canker sore is an ulcer which occurs on the tongue, inside the lip or inside the cheek. These sores can be identified by a red border which surrounds a white or yellow center. Canker sores can occur to anyone but women, teens and adults are more vulnerable to them.

Why do They Occur?

Unlike cold sores, canker sores are not contagious. Everyone at least once in their lifetime experiences these sores. Although the reason behind their occurrence is unknown, they are seen running in families. Some of the possible conditions which cause canker sores are: when you are stressed or tired, when you hurt your mouth while lip biting, when you have braces on your teeth or when you have food allergies.


Take Multivitamins

If canker sores occur on a regular interval, you should consult your doctor about taking folate and vitamin B-12. According to some studies, intake of these vitamins can prevent the occurrence of sores.

Consume More Lysine

You must increase the amount of lysine in your diet. Some great sources of lysine are fish, chicken, eggs and potatoes.


Canker Sore Prevention

Eat More Yogurt

Yogurt is formed by bacterial fermentation of milk. Hence, its regular consumption will help you increase the quantity of healthy bacteria in your mouth and body.

Practice Yoga

Like many other health related disorders, canker sores can also be a result of tension and stress. Try avoiding stressful situations and practice yoga and meditation to prevent sores.

Protect Your Mouth

You must protect your mouth from the damage caused by trauma. Don’t be harsh to your mouth and use a tooth-brush with soft-bristle. Let your food or beverage come to a normal temperature before consuming it. Avoid tobacco and chewing gums to the maximum level and see your dentist regularly.

Select Right Toothpaste

Selecting the right toothpaste and mouthwash plays a very important role in protecting your mouth from canker sores.  Go for toothpastes and mouthwashes that do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

Check Your Diet

Food allergies can be one of the major causes of canker sores. But in addition to that, foods which contain acids can also make sores occur. You must avoid intake of citrus fruit, tomatoes, vinegar and oranges if you are prone to sores.

Sores which occur occasionally clear up on their own. But if their occurrence has become regular, you must visit a doctor. Sores usually do not last for more than 2 weeks but if you find them inside your mouth for a longer duration, you must start taking medication. If you have been a chain-smoker or have been stressing your mouth regularly with harmful things, you must take follow the above mentioned tips to avoid the re-occurrence of these painful sores.


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Vasudha Bhat
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamMar 19, 2014

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