Tibetan Chicken Soup

Updated at: Jan 30, 2013
Tibetan Chicken Soup
Aditi Dasgupta
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Nov 30, 2011

Prepare this noodle-based soup which is perfectly Tibetan, yet the preparation will have a North-Indian zing to it! It is extremely healthy and light on your tummy!


Key Ingredients:  2 finely chopped onions, 3 finely chopped garlic flakes, salt as per taste, 3 green chillies (chopped), 350 grams of noodles, boneless chicken pieces (shredded), 500 mL of chicken stock


Sauté the minced onion pieces, chillies and garlic in the pan till it turns golden brown. Then add, the chicken shreds and salt and fry it for another 7-10 minutes. Attend to it later. Now, take another pan and boil 4 litres of water. Drop the noodle strings in it and boil it till it becomes soft. Sieve the water and drain the excess of water from the noodles. Mix the sautéd ingredients with the noodles and add the chicken stock to it. Your Thukpa is ready! Go gorge!


Nutri-check: Thukpa is an extremely traditional dish and it can be had with small helpings of steamed rice. This dish being very low on spices can soothe acidity. Garlic helps produce warmth in cold winter nights and chicken will enrich you with protein. Go discover the West!!!




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