Thyroid Cancer and Depression

Updated at: Jun 12, 2012
Thyroid Cancer and Depression

Thyroid cancer and depression are interlinked. In fact, depression is one of the symptoms of thyroid cancer.

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Thyroid Cancer and Depression

The thyroid gland that is located in the neck is responsible for the production of hormones. When the gland stops producing the required amount of hormones, the body’s functions slow down with depression being one of the symptoms of a lack in adequate production of hormones.

The thyroid gland is located in the neck just above the collarbone and is called the endocrine gland. The endocrine gland produces hormones that regulate the metabolism n the body. Endocrine glands make the hormones and secrete them into all the parts of the body through the bloodstream.

One’s metabolism affects the speed at which the body functions. Metabolism takes control of all the internal organs. When your thyroid slows down and thereby produces insufficient amount of hormones to control the metabolism, you undergo what is called hypothyroidism.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism can come and go with time. Most thyroid disorders are hereditary. Therefore, if your mother or aunt has had any thyroid disorder, you are likely to have it too.


Symptoms of Depression

There may be several signs of depression in people diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Some of the warning signs of depression in patients with thyroid cancer include:

  • consistently feeling sad, hopeless, empty, worthless or helpless,
  • thinking about suicide and death,
  • not enjoying hobbies or activeness and
  • significant changes in weight.

Patients with thyroid cancer may experience feelings of fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, wanting to sleep and feeling sluggish. The treatments may also cause depression, especially if you were an active person prior to going through the treatments that demand a lot of rest.


Treatment of Depression

If you want to stop being unhappy or feel that being sad is out of your control, make sure that you the health care team that is responsible for treating thyroid cancer is also responsible for taking care of emotional health. Here are other treatments for depression that you can administer yourself.

  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Enrol in a support group to gain assistance from other thyroid cancer survivors and patients.
  • Talk to friends and family about your condition. Seek emotional support from them.
  • Understand that depression is a commonly experienced mental condition after having been diagnosed with cancer, but it can be treated.



Remind yourself to not sink into depression or let it affect you so much that you find it hard to battle thyroid cancer.


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