Three healthy reasons why you must switch to cast-iron utensils

Updated at: Jan 13, 2018
Three healthy reasons why you must switch to cast-iron utensils

Having your cookware made of cast-iron can spell magic on your health. From being convenient to adding nutritional value to your food, cast-iron utensils could be your best friend in the kitchen.

Vasudha Bhat
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: Jan 13, 2018

Having cast-iron utensils in the kitchen may be an old-fashioned choice. But having this cookware in your modular kitchen is a must. From being a good conductor of heat to lasting decades, cast-iron utensils have a variety of benefits which will compel you to choose these over anything else. Besides, there are numerous health-related benefits of cooking in iron vessels also. So, here we give you three of the healthiest reasons to switch to cast iron cookware.

Less oil is needed to cook in cast-iron utensils

Cast-iron cookware is covered with a fine sheen which makes them virtually non-sticky. This means that you do not have to pour the complete bottle of oil in the utensil to deep fry a handful of potato fries. While using a cast-iron skillet, cover the bottom of the pan with a thick layer of kosher salt and half an inch of cooking oil and heat the oil until it starts to smoke. Transfer the salt and oil into a bowl and then with a ball of paper towels rub the inside of the skillet until it becomes smooth. Never use soap to clean a cast-iron utensil. Only scrub the vessel with a stiff brush and hot water. Make sure that you dry the container completely.

Chemical-free alternatives to non-stick pans

One of the most important benefits of using cast iron over non-stick pans is that the former makes you stay protected from harmful chemicals. The coating in non-stick pans which keeps food from sticking is made from PFCs, a chemical that can cause damage to liver, cancer and developmental problems. When heated at high temperatures, non-stick pans release PFCs. This is why both ceramic-coated and regular cast-iron pans are some of the recommended alternatives to non-stick pans.

Loads your food with iron

Not only can cooking in cast-iron utensils protect your food from leached chemicals, but it also fills your food with iron which boosts haemoglobin levels in the body. The fact that iron deficiency is a pretty common condition across the globe, especially in women, makes it even more important to introduce cast-iron utensils to your cookware collection. Cooking food, especially something acidic like tomato sauce in a cast-iron vessel can increase iron content by 20 times in your dish.

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