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Things you will understand if your partner wears glasses

Snr By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 09, 2017
Things you will understand if your partner wears glasses

There are many things that you can only experience if your partner wears glasses.

Does it feel any different to date someone, who wears glasses all the time? Well, people with glasses are not from some other planet, they are also humans just like us... but with a poor vision. It’s just there are certain activities that a person with glasses does in a different manner.


Things you will understand if your partner wears glasses


2 Years back I was dating a guy with glasses. He looked pretty decent and his glasses made him look cuter but sometimes his glasses annoyed and surprised me a little bit. So, the thing that I got to know about dating someone with glasses is that their glasses can be a real game-changer sometimes.

Here are a few things that you will relate to if you too are dating or have dated someone with glasses.


The struggle to kiss

At first I used to think that nose would be an obstacle but no, it was his glasses. There was this one day, when we were in a great mood and we began kissing and the moment I leaned in to kiss him, my face hit his glasses. I swear, I wanted to throw his glasses away but all I could do was smile awkwardly at him. Then he removed his glasses and we resumed. Glasses can be a real buzz kill if you are in the mood for a French smooch.


3D Movies

They wear both the 3D glasses and their own glasses. It does not make any difference but they surely look funny. I remember trying hard to hold back my laughter.


The case of missing glasses

It so happens that they randomly lose their glasses and that’s it, they are blind for the rest of the day. They cannot watch any movie after that, you will have to read out the menu to them, they cannot drive and so on. They find it difficult to look at your face; you talk to them and it feels like they are not interested or mocking you or not paying attention to you while they are just struggling to have a clear view of your face.


The dilemma of going for contact lenses

They won’t be able to decide between contact lenses and their beloved glasses. They wish to switch to contact lenses but they cannot get move on from their love for their glasses. They have tried many times but eventually they get back to their old love, their glasses.


No adventure outings with them

For very obvious reasons you cannot plan an adventure outing with them. So, if you are into adventure sports like water skiing, rock climbing, bungee jumping or any sports that can pose harm to their glasses and want them to join you, drop the thought.



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