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Things you do at Facebook that your Man Dislikes

Updated at: Jan 13, 2014
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Oct 05, 2011
Things you do at Facebook that your Man Dislikes

Relationship Help - Know what to avoid doing in your Facebook profile to avoid irritating  your guy friends.

Woman use laptopThere are many things about your Facebook activities that is not liked your guy friends. Men can get irritated by those little things you think to be cute. It would not be good to try to impress your one set of friends while irritate the others (guys).

  • Needless status updates – Some girls post such status update that is intended for only some special friends. Moreover, that update can be understood only by that mate who will post an equally irritating reply. If you are one of these ladies, make sure you opt for the phone to vent your emotions. Facebook is not the place to have private conversations.
  • Strategies to Grab Attention – Just because your Facebook page has not had much activity in the past few days, you must do something to make everyone notice! Messages such as “disappointed”, “so bored”, “yay” are posted just to have others jump to them for replying. Guys just won’t enjoy one of their mates posting an emoticon and her mates jumping in to reply with show of concern. Again, if you are so concerned, give a call by all means.
  • Campaigns – It is nice and good to post about awareness campaigns but that should not be an excuse for letting your social network open to strangers. Moreover, often the comments are suggestive of sexuality. Why give a food for thought to perverts to fuel their imagination.
  • Too many snaps – You might be an “eye candy” but why should you keep emphasising it on your social network. Posting all your pics in all kinds of poses, angles and dresses is not necessary. You also do not need to post the baby’s pic so many times. Think about it, it’s like giving strangers your photo as they can download it from Facebook. Would you ever do that in real life?
  • Girlie giggles – Making kissy faces and exchanging mini hearts on Facebook can make the guys furious. If catching up is what you want, get your phone and give a call. What is the point of getting overly cute online?

It would be nice to make your Facebook profile likeable by everyone. So, if you have been making these mistakes, do reconsider.


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