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Things that Turn Women On

Dating By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 28, 2012
Things that Turn Women On

Have all your attempts to impress a woman slipped down the drain? You should perhaps take a look at some tips to help you turn her on.

Things that Turn Women On

There are several ways to woo or turn women on. While the fact that women usually get turned on with non-sexual gestures may seem incredulous, it is really so. Think beyond sex and reveal your sober side to women to turn them on.


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Mentioned below are a few things that turn women on

Hygiene: Women like men, who maintain a certain level of hygiene. Smelling good is a prerequisite when you are going for a date.

Initiate the dialogue: Most women hesitate to kick-start a conversation with a date. Take the initiative to begin the dialogue and ensure that it keeps going. While talking, tell her what you think about her.

Compliment her: Don’t hesitate to compliment her. Complimenting her will imply that she is being noticed. Appreciate her thoughtfulness and generosity and compliment her for appearance or attire. Remember that only sincere and well-timed compliments work. Women love to receive compliments, but dislike being adulated. So, be careful and avoid going over the board.

How to make her like you: A woman will like someone if she is impressed by his personality, sense of humour and intelligence.

Respect her: Everyone wants to be respected. Make her feel that she is important for you and that you respect her.

Call her by her name: Some women love to be called by their name.

Express: A woman demands emotional support from her partner. Make her realise that you are emotionally bonded to her.

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Gifts: Women love gifts. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune to buy her gifts, but something as simple as a handwritten note is equivalent to an expensive gift.

Be wise and mature: Mature men can easily make women fall on their knees for them. Women like men, who can deal with difficult situations and make decisions. Your maturity is a step ahead in bringing her closer to you.

Make her feel secure: Trust is one of the most important things to establish an emotional connection with her. Support her and make her feel secure so that she opens up emotionally.

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A sense of security and commitment in a relation means a lot to women.


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