5 Things to Leave Behind in a Romantic Vacation

Updated at: Oct 16, 2012
5 Things to Leave Behind in a Romantic Vacation

Know what you can leave behind in a romantic vacation in order to find pure bliss with your loved one.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Oct 08, 2012

5 Things to Leave Behind in a Romantic Vacation

Modern life is drowning in a ruthless pothole of servitude that has made a mockery out of man’s freedom song. To work just so that you can eat and consume things that you probably don’t really require is the idea of modern slavery. The good news is that the system is not as hideous as we are making it to be; you can take a vacation once in a while and bathe in the idea of freedom. Your romantic getaway is a sojourn to bliss land; it is a much needed break that will calm your senses and will rejuvenate your life. The thing that is most important during such a time is leaving things behind that you thought are valuable in your life.


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You must leave this hypothetical idea behind, because it is less of a reality. Your urban life is a ladderthat you climb and you will always wonder how far up you are and how strong the ladder is to hold you there. Forget about all of that and remember to forget your daily hustles; they become meaningless as you begin to understand the heart of life. Watch nature and hold hands with your lover, the rest can burn in hell.

Mobile Phones

When a phone rings it ought to be answered and that is the bitter truth.  A phone call brings with it various queries, answers and worries. So, be forgetful and leave the phone behind for once or else that thing will ring  in all its glory just so that it can irritate the life out of you. Spend your time lazing around and walking, do not be bothered about phone calls.


An aquaintance once mentioned that camera is the enemy of the memory. French author Marcel Proust wrote Remembrance of Things Past with his subconscious mind and created a visual masterpiece of a book. Store the scenes and events of the trip in your memory so that when you close your eyes at dead city nights, the images rise above dimly lit city buildings and neatly placed hoardings. It will redeem your soul and make you long for that special one and that special place. Admit that technology is killing you and you must distance yourself as much as you can.

Cynical Mind

Having a cynical mind around you during a vacation is no good. Will your partner like it if you continuously criticise things and make uncomfortable comments? Leave your cynical mindset behind and do not let your pre-conceived notions develop. You need to take the tide as it comes; after all it is a vacation! Trust us; you will have a lot more fun than you usually have by cribbing about things.




You must understand that being egoistic is not a virtue, so let go off that ego when you take your romantic trip. Your ego is anyway not a good help when you are in your busy city life, so how can it be of any good during a vacation? Moreover, your lover or wife will not appreciate it.


Vacation, what a revolting idea isn’t it? Just be sure to return and join your enslaved human race or else you will miss out on items that are on display for you. But you mustn’t get used to it, it’s merely an idea and our time being such spiritless times, we are guessing you won’t.


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