Things that Keep You Up at Night

Updated at: Aug 07, 2018
Things that Keep You Up at Night

Want to go to bed on time but can’t? Don't lose your sleep to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as the one's you commonly indulge in.

Himanshu Sharma
Mental HealthWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Aug 07, 2018

Want to go to bed on time but can’t? There can be a number of reasons, distractions and unexpected sleep snatchers that are keeping you from sleeping. It could also be so because of some of your habits such as watching TV, using the computer in bed, sipping on coffee after dinner and working out late in the evening.

Getting a good night’s sleep gives a big boost to your health, mood, sex life, weight control, and more. On the other hand, sleep deprivation is a serious medical risk but is often overlooked. Below are the most common reasons that you are having sleeping troubles and what can be done about them.

Let's Finish Reading the Book

Sure you love a good book, but you should never let anything pull your health back. Apart from making you stay up couple of hours more than usual, reading is an intellectually demanding activity that can result in poor quality sleep. Try finish your book before your sleep time.

Staying up to Watch your Favourite TV Show

Getting up to watch TV until you’re sleepy is one of the reasons for sleeping trouble. Watching TV stimulates brain activity, which you don’t want to sleep soundly. Moreover, the light emitted from the TV makes your brain to wake up.f life significantly, but have also brought health risks along. Sleep texting, abnormal sleep behaviour, is a growing concern and also a sleep snatcher. It is like an addiction in which people can’t be separated from their cellphone and have tendency to check it all the time. Besides sleep deprivation, lack of sleep has been linked to obesity, high blood pressure and behavioural problems.

Not Dark Enough

When you are trying to sleep, there shouldn’t be any lights on, especially lights from a TV or any electronic devices. When eyes are exposed to light during the night, the production of melatonin reduces. Melatonin is the hormone that causes sleepiness and lowers body temperature.

Inconsistent Eating

It doesn’t matter that you are eating a balanced dinner if you indulge in late night snacks. Snacking at night and other such inconsistent eating habits can take a toll on your sleep.

Warm Temperature

Your body needs to cool down when you sleep. There can be sleeping trouble if your room is too warm. Try to keep your room cool enough, not too cold as it may disrupt sleep as well.

Smoking before Bed

If you think that cigarette calms the nerves and make you sleep, you are wrong to think so. Cigarette contains nicotine, a stimulant that makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Say no to before-bed smoking to sleep soundly. Without a good night’s sleep, you will feel groggy, unable to concentrate and have very little energy. Don't let your sleep be robbed off. Just make sure nothing gets in the way of the rest you need.

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