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Things that are far worse than cheating

Things that are far worse than cheating
Quick Bites
  • A hurtful relationship is the worst kind of relationship.

  • Sometimes your partner can turn out to be a fake person.

  • There are others who are always lying to you.

  • Certain partners are found to be rather nonchalant in the relationship.

At times there are things that are far worse than cheating. Of course this sounds bizarre, but the truth is that cheating does not necessarily mean that your better half has forgotten you. Cheating is a trip to Disneyland, that is full of excitement, but sure enough, you like to return home sometime. So, even if your partner cheats on you, it does not really mean that he or she has stopped loving you.




There are certain things that can hurt even more than cheating does, and so here we are to tell you about things that can hurt more than cheating. There are numerous emotional nuances that can be extremely hurtful, and therefore, can be very bad for your emotional well-being.


Here we have taken care to list down some behaviours of your partner, which can be far worse than cheating.

Heap of lies

The beginning of a lie is usually something innocent, something small, and yet at the end of the day if you sit to realise the number of lies you have told over the course of time, you would be astonished. Yes, lies hurt, they hurt a lot, and this is where things can get worse than cheating. While cheating could be blamed on lust, lies are deliberate schemes played by your partner to put you in the dark. Thereby, you are being fooled by the one you love, which is pretty hurtful.

The silent hate

There are a lot of people out there who secretly hate their spouse, and somehow find it difficult to communicate this feeling. This can be devastating, as you are actually living with a two-faced person. So, the person who is supposed to love and respect you, is in fact secretly resents you. How bad is that? Pretty bad we say.

Nonchalant relationship

At times we find people who are not really into the relationship, but they are into it just for the sake of convenience. This can be difficult to fathom for those who have given their heart and soul to the relationship. To know that your partner or spouse is just playing along, can be devastating. Cheating would be far better than a partner who just does not care.

The faking partner

This is actually the dangerous kind, and one must stay away from this lot. But sadly, they do not show their true colours at the beginning, and this is where it hurts the most. A partner who is faking it is certainly of the worst kind, simply because the relationship is not based on truth. In such a situation, the person in the receiving end is almost always the fool, and this is not a nice feeling to experience.

Partner who does not communicate

As normal as this may sound, certain people are averse to taking their partners into confidence, and this can be a brutal mistake. The partner who does not communicate emotions and feelings does not connect well with you, and this simply means that it is a worthless relationship. So even if cheating may seem like a sin, but a cheating which does not have any merit, is no relationship at all.


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Written by
Arka Roy Chowdhury
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 08, 2016

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