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Things that a girl wants to ask her ex boyfriend after breakup

Things that a girl wants to ask her ex boyfriend after breakup
Quick Bites
  • Breakups are never easy, they make no sense at first.
  • You keep on trying to get over ex to no avail.
  • You have questions that you want to ask your ex-boyfriend.

What went wrong? What exactly happened? Why did he do it? These are the questions that echo inside my head after he broke up with me. Breakups are never easy. A person leaving you without giving any explanation is nowhere a thing to take in. A lifetime of memory is there to get over with, a lifetime of pain to go through before you actually move on. You keep on trying to get over him, get over his memories, but you fail in every attempt you make because there are things that are unexplained to you, you don’t know why he left, you don’t know what made him chose someone else over you. There are millions of questions to ask your ex boyfriend.



I went through quite similar things; he chose someone else and left me. At first, I could not take it very well but with time I got better but today there are things that I wish to ask him, there are things that are still not explained, I would want to ask him things but I don’t know whether I’ll get the chance or not.

Yes, I know I’m not alone and there are girls that went through the same trauma and did not have any idea about what exactly went wrong. Even if you have a fair sketch of what happened you have questions that you want to ask your ex-boyfriend, you want answers.


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Since, I personally have been there; I know that you want to ask these things to ex boyfriend. Here is a list of questions to ask your ex boyfriend.



Why did you leave?

This is the first question that you want to ask him. You want to know the reason that made him leave at first place.



Do you still miss me?

I want to know whether I still cross his mind or not. And you too want to know whether he still thinks of you or not when he visits all the places that once you visited together, does he still miss you when he sees your number in his phone. You want to know the number of times he misses you in a day.



Do you think that our relationship was mistake?

You wish to know if he takes the relationship as a mistake. There were good times and then there were good times, you wish that he doesn’t take any of that as a mistake.


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Do you and your present girlfriend talk about me?

You wish if you could listen to the conversation that your ex-boyfriend and his present girlfriend have about you, if they ever talk about you.



Is she better than me?

This is the question that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I want to know what was so different and special about that girl made you go with her and leave me.


I know that you too want answers. If you too have questions that you want to ask your ex-boyfriend, I would suggest, don’t ask them even if you get the chance because there is nothing he could say that’ll hurt you little less. His answers will only pain you more. Save yourself the ache and move on.

Heart breaks are common, I am sure some of you must have already related with my story. If you have any question(s) that you want to ask your ex, please share them in the comment box given below.


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Written by
Namrata Dutta
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 10, 2017

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