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Things to Remember for Blind Date

Dating By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 06, 2012
Things to Remember for Blind Date

Blind dates are surprise package, they can give you long lasting relationship and even an awful memory. Here are some of the things to remember on a blind date to make it a pleasant memory.

Couple in resturantFirst dates are scary, and you might want to surround yourself with friends to ease your nerves. But remember, first dates are for getting to know the other person. So, never take a first date to a party that your friends are throwing. This will put your date at a disadvantage since he or she does not know anyone. Additionally, you may be distracted from your date by your friends, even if that is not your intention. Plan that first meeting around an activity that you and your new date can enjoy together


  • Like any other date planning is very important before blind date as well. You must plan for the venue of the date. When it comes to blind date people often think about dinner or a movie date. However these are not good for blind date. Dinner dates adds to your anxiety while the movie date don’t allow both of you to interact and know each other. While planning for the date, you must prefer public places that can unburden your mind from safety point of view and is enjoyable as well. Coffee shop, art gallery and museums are some of the good options for blind date.
  • After planning you must prepare yourself for the date. We all know that first impression is important especially when it comes to a blind date. First impression has more to do with the way you look than your personality. While you prepare for the date make sure to think about what you will wear. Use your dress to show your personality and dress according to the activities you have planned for the date. For instance, a little casual for coffee date and sporty if you are going to watch some sport.
  • You can bring a single flower for your date. A single daisy or a simple carnation can work be nice way to say that "it’s nice to be with you".
  • During the date be courteous and most importantly the best you can.
  • Don’t waste your time in thinking whether the person is suitable for you. Just enjoy the moment and try to know each other.
  • Another thing to remember for blind date is to have a flexible approach. It is always wise to plan beforehand but being rigid is not goods. If you have planned to meet in a pub and but your dating partner is not comfortable in such environment then immediately change the plan with an evening walk or a dinner date.


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