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Things you should not do in a new relationship

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 15, 2013
Things you should not do in a new relationship

A new relationship can bring a lot of hopes and you would be drowning in the imensity of this new high. Be careful not to commit some common mistakes during a first relationship.

A new relationship is like the first time in Disneyland. You have so many fun things to do, and everything looks so promising that you lose your mind. In your excitement you may fall down from the ride, so be careful!


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Relationships are nice; there is no other way to put it. It is simply just too very nice. In all these niceties you may start to do things that you have always dreamt of doing, and rather a bit too fast. For a woman she would go head over heels upon clinging on the broad shoulders of her Prince Charming. For a man it would be an ocean of endless possibilities that her eyes will show. But the truth is that going about a new relationship can be very challenging, and most people would fall on their knees on trying to do it right. The things to do are relatively common and very well known to people, but there are also certain things that you should not be doing. Do you know what they are?


Do not make future plans

The entire premise of a new relationship is based on attraction at the beginning. It is really not fine to be discussing about how many children you would want to have on the second day. You have just started dating, so take one step at a time and do not be so motivated by romantic classics. They will all happen in due course of time and you have to wait for them. You are here now with the one you wanted to be with for long, enjoy the moment. Chances are that your lover might find the exit door for a swift escape.


Do not overdo

We agree that new relationships always tend to give you that Romeo-Juliet feeling, but go easy on all the togetherness. You will tend to forget your friends, hobby, and family, your own time after you start a new relationship, and this is not right. New love is like a drug that you want to take in order to be on a state of high forever, but never overdo it. It might also cause problem later on when you will tend to slacken on all that you did during the first few days.


Do not lie

You cannot start a new relationship with lies, this is the recipe for a disastrous love life, and can crumble down any moment in the near future. You need to stop lying to your new lover, and be as honest and truthful as you can. Honesty is the byline of a new relationship and one must never forget that. If she finds out that you have had a fleet of flings where in the first place you posed like you are an innocent rabbit then you are in deep trouble. So think before you speak!


Do not be jealous

New relationships make us very fragile and we tend to get jealous for the smallest of things. You need to be careful when it comes to this factor, as too much of jealousy can destroy all the good things. So stop prying and checking your lover’s mobile phone, facebook chats, and all the other various chats that we have. You need to have faith and you need to trust this person, remember you claim to love her!


Do not compare

Here is another major recipe for disaster, do not ever compare your new lover with your older one. You ex is someone who had his qualities and faults, your new is someone who possesses his own set of qualities and faults, so never compare. These two are two entirely different people.

New relationship is not a ticket to Disneyland, and it will never be so. The truth is that if you break up then your rides come crashing giving you multiple fractures on your body, mind and soul. So be careful about what you do and how you go about it. Handle it with care.


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