5 Things Guys Notice about You

Updated at: Jan 13, 2014
5 Things Guys Notice about You

Relationship Help- Are you wondering about what your guy notice about you? Physical appearances do leave first impression but that is not all that guys look for.

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DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Aug 26, 2011

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Do you think that your facial features and legs get all the attention of men? If yes then you must give it a second thought. Given below are five things that guys notice about girls.




Guys prefer girls who smile a lot. This does not mean that you keep on laughing. Also don’t grin too much. When you genuinely smile it shows in your eyes. So be yourself and react to what seems appealing to you. Smile is associated with an optimistic attitude so there is lot you can convey with one simple smile!



Most guys notice eyes more than any other body part. Eyes are a small part of the body but how you use them makes the great difference. Don’t just expect your guy to get lost in the beauty of your eyes. Instead remember that he will also focus on the details. How you look at things, how you ignore them, your tendency to roll your eyes too! Make sure to focus on these details in order to grab his attention.



Another important thing that your guy will notice about you is your hair. Thickness, colour and length of hair are the judging factors in this scenario. This doesn’t mean that any particular hair colour or length will be eye-catcher for all guys. It is just a matter of choice- for some coloured hair may be cool while others may associate it with a superflous personality. Guys will surely be drawn towards luscious locks so start taking care of your hair.


Colour of your Toes and Fingers

You nail and toes can make you look damn sexy and guys do note them. Pick a nail colour that suits your skin tone and ensure that they are clean.


The Little Details

Guys do notice the way a girl tries to accentuate her quality and hide her flaws. Be it your eye lashes, hair extensions and even the well hidden nose job! They even notice the pitch of your voice. You may not realise but these things scream ‘high-maintenance’ to guys. They also notice how a girl conducts herself with people around her as it can easily point out any attempt at pretence. Pretence is a major turn-off for guys.


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