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Things Every Married Couple Should Talk About

Updated at: May 14, 2019
Written by: Arti ChaudharyPublished at: May 14, 2019
Things Every Married Couple Should Talk About

Sharing your thoughts with your partner is really important for a healthy relationship. Know the things you and your partner should talk about.

Life changes completely when you get married. It is often said that woman starts her new journey of life after getting married but the condition is almost same for a man. He also enters a new phase in his life which is loaded with changes. But after marriage you have a partner with you,  who is ready to spend the rest of his/her life with you and stands beside you in every condition of life. 

Whether your marriage is love or arranged it is always hard to change your lifestyle completely. In love marriage, you both are aware of each other’s behaviour and also knows how to handle them at their ups and downs. on the other hand in an arranged marriage you are more like strangers and things are more hard to understand. But it gets better with time.

Here are 5 things you and your partner should talk about


Never forget to share your difficulties with your partner. There is no better safe zone then your life partner, because in front of him/her you can speak from your heart or get things off from your chest. You are not alone, you can share the weight of your problems and then the load becomes lighter for both of you.

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If you are not able to share your feelings to your partner or your partner is not willing to share their feelings with you, then something is wrong. The person you have chosen to share a life with, you are unable to share your feelings? Let your partner be the part of your emotional life. Sit beside them, know what they have for you and then say what you are feeling and what makes you upset.


Various records states that, more marriages are broken by finances than any other factor, that is because one partner is always out of the loop no matter how good or bad the finances are. It is really important to have serious financial decisions by both people in the relationship. Everyone goes through ups and down in life and if you tell this to your partner, then your partner will understand that. Work together, be in a loop and solve any problem by being together. 

Fears and concerns

In this world there are lots of scary things and marriage itself is a scary thing for many people. If communication factor is good between you and your partner, then let your better half know about your fears and concerns. Your partner will mostly likely understand and supportive but if you won’t share your things and one day they come in front of them in the way you did not wanted to then this might create an issue between you both. 

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Remember that you should always share your health problems with your partner and also keep a watch on their health too. No matter how minor you health issues are, still share them with each other. In case something unexpected happens, you both at least should be able to handle the situation. 

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