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These 10 minute water workouts can help you have a toned body

Updated at: Nov 13, 2017
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Written by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Nov 13, 2017
These 10 minute water workouts can help you have a toned body

Water workout provides an all-over-the-body toning routine which is convenient and safer than a ground routine. A 10-minute routine in your pool can work wonders for your fitness and health.

Exercising offers a lot of benefits and doing it in water can especially be a great health-booster. Movements in water have to fight against more resistance than in air. Moreover the buoyancy helps a lot and you will be able to perform exercises that you may find difficult to do normally. Water workout offers better support for your exercises and better toning. Most exercises that are performed in water will tone up your torso, arms and legs. The water will also keep you cooler and you will not have to worry about the distracting sweat.



You can perform a 10-minute quick water workout in your pool that builds strength, tones muscles, and burns lots of calories. Not only will you experience greater resistance that will you give you better results, the buoyancy will help you avoid injuries that may occur when you are exercising on the ground.

The extra heavy moves in water will tone and strengthen your major muscle groups as well as burn maximum fat from the upper and lower body.  A 10-minute water workout can burn around 100 calories. Perform the following exercises for 3 minutes each for at least 3 days a week. You can warm up or jog in the pool for 30 seconds between the exercises. You can perform 3 sets of the complete routine if you intend to burn even more calories.

After a little warm up get into your pool and stand in a wide stance with your arms stretched forward inside the water and joined to form a scoop. Once you are comfortable, jump like a frog and try to bring your knees closer to the surface of the water. At the same time push the water downwards with your arms and move them sideways during the jump. Now lower your knees down to get back on the floor. The jump will require a lot of effort from your abs and this will induce effective toning. The movement of the arms will help tone obliques. You can also wear water paddles and gloves to make it even harder.

Stomp & push

Once again, stand still with a wide stance with arms stretched wide in front of you and alternately, lift each knee in front of you with lot of power and again move your feet towards the ground with a push. Simultaneousl,y push from the right arm down towards the hips. Now do the same with the right knee and left arm. It will help tone your thighs, butt and shoulders.

Scissor press

Finally, stand with one leg behind the other in a lunge position for the final exercise. Now flex your knees and jump to switch the position of the legs and bend forward from the waist while going back to the ground. It may feel like you are dancing and also getting all the benefits of t. It will work your back and thighs.

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