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These 6 healthy foods prevent diabetes complication

Exercise & Fitness By Bushra Kafeel , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 20, 2017
These 6 healthy foods prevent diabetes complication

Healthy foods that prevent diabetes complication are Cinnamon, Citrus Fruit, Apple, Legume, Green Tea and Vinegar.

Controlling the blood sugar level is the best way to prevent diabetes complications. By eating healthy and nutrient pack foods you can stabilise the blood-sugar level and stay safe from damaging consequences of diabetes. Below mentioned is the list of healthy food that can prevent diabetes complications:


According to a study conducted by Human Nutrition Research Center in Beltsville, daily dose of half a tablespoon of cinnamon can make cell more sensitive to insulin. Results revealed that cinnamon and diabetes are closely linked. When the research group stop taking cinnamon, there was rise in their blood sugar level.

Besides lowering sugar spikes, cinnamon also lead to improvement in heart health. To prevent diabetes complications add little amount of cinnamon to your daily food.

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits such as grapefruits and oranges are excellent fruits for diabetes. Studies have shown that diabetics have lower level of vitamin C. Owing to this reason antioxidant packed citrus fruits are healthy choice for diabetics. Citrus fruits lower the glycemic index and rich in dietary fibre and citrus.


Apple is primary source of quercetin. Also known as flavonoid, quercetin is a naturally occurring chemical compounds that gives colour to fruit.  According to a Finnish study, people who ate quercetin rich food have 20% less chances of dying from diabetes and heart problems. To prevent diabetes complications, make apple part of your daily diet.


Being low in fat and calories legumes reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Chickpeas, kidney beans, cannelloni beans and lentils are different type of legumes that are healthy for diabetics. This high fibre and high protein food slows down glucose release into the blood stream. As a result blood sugar spikes are prevented and person remains safe from sudden hunger.

Green tea

Lack of physical activity and high fat food can ruin body’s ability to absorb blood sugar. This is the main cause of diabetes complications. Green tea have ample amount of flavonoid that help to fight inflammation. Orange and cranberry juice is the other options for similar effect.


Results of study conducted in the Arizona State University revealed that when taken before meal vinegar significantly reduces diabetic complications. The participants of study were given 2 tablespoon of vinegar before meals. Results showed 25% decrease in blood sugar level of diabetes and 50% decrease in prediabetics.

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