These Household Chores Can Help You Lose Weight

Updated at: Jun 12, 2019
These Household Chores Can Help You Lose Weight

Who said it is just a gym where you can lose the extra flab? Your very own house and merely lifting of articles while doing household chores can help you get in shape

 Onlymyhealth Staff Writer
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jun 12, 2019

Everyone can relate to irregular gym and exercise sessions. Late work hours, a tired mind and body and pure laziness to hit the gym; the reasons are never-ending. It is a task to hit the gym after a whole day at work and with all the household work to be done. However, who said only a gym could be the place where you can lose weight. A point to consider – the household chores can be a great source of workout. Be it from running errands to vacuuming, household chores get your body in motion, letting it work out and lose the extra flab. Consider the tasks that you can do at home daily – lifting, washing, gardening, vacuuming, etc.  Following are some of the chores at home that can help you stay in shape if you are not a gym person: 

Mopping the floor

Surprisingly, mopping the floor is not just any odd job. It is a great full-body workout that works great for your legs and arms. While mopping the floor, your legs and arms are in action and perform at varying speeds. As per reports, merely mopping the floor for 20 mins can help you lose close to 200 calories, which is the count of calorie loss after 30 mins of aerobics. So for a flat tummy and toned thighs, start mopping! 

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Gardening cannot just make your garden look beautiful; it can also help you lose some weight without any intense workout. Also, it is a relaxing activity. As per nutritionists at the Loughborough University, just 30 minutes of weeding can help burn 150 calories and even digging and filling up the garden with mud can make you one pound lighter every week. These activities, coupled with a healthy diet, can work wonders on the body. Those hitting the gym can lose these many calories after lifting moderate weights are the gym that too regularly.

Washing the dishes 

Dishwashing can look like a task to many, but did you know that cleaning the dishes can help you lose weight? It is said that washing dishes can make you lose close to 125 calories for an hour. Also, washing the dishes helps keep your hands germ-free. A person of normal body weight can lose these many calories by indulging in moderate-paced cycling. 

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Cooking your meals 

It is advisable to prepare your meals for the ultimate health goals. Cooking your meals help keep a check on what’s going inside any dish. Also, a diet coupled with an adequate amount of exercise is the best way to lose weight. So who better than yourself to keep a check on your food intake? So eat right and know how much is required to keep your stomach full and overfull. 

Making the bed

We all find it extremely difficult to make the bed singlehandedly. Also, irritating to ensure no creases exist on the bed. However, making the bed alone can help you lose weight. This bed-time ritual can be a reason for you to lose around 130 calories per half an hour without actually the need of sweating it out.

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