These 5 Things Slow Down The Effect Of Medicine, May Take Double Time To Recover

Updated at: Oct 03, 2019
These 5 Things Slow Down The Effect Of Medicine, May Take Double Time To Recover

Often people forget to ask the doctor what to avoid before taking any medicine. The effect of drug varies and may have a reduced impact on some of our acts. Here's what you should avoid

Vani Malik
MiscellaneousWritten by: Vani MalikPublished at: Oct 03, 2019

You will be aware that some medicines may not work or have the same effect on you as it may have on others properly. Do you know that what you eat or drink can also reduce the impact of your medicines? So whenever taking a medication for the first time, ask your doctor what to avoid while taking a drug. Most of us, in haste, forget to ask the dos and don'ts before taking medicine, due to which the medications consumed do not show their effect or have slower recovery time. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind what hampers the impact of medicines. If you are wondering what those five things are, find below the solution to your query:

Sweet Lemon

This citrus fruit changes the way your intestinal cells react to certain drugs. Surprisingly, more than 50 drugs can have a slower recovery or effect on the individual if mixed with sweet lemon before or after the medicine. Sweet lemon hampers all allergy drugs, including Allegra) less effective and cholesterol-lowering drugs like atorvastatin (Lipitor) potent.

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This dairy product can hamper the body's ability to react to certain antibiotics. Minerals like calcium and magnesium found in milk are the main reasons for this. Apart from this, it also has a high amount of protein. So if you are taking antibiotics then make sure which food and beverages you have to stay away from. Avoid taking medicine with milk as it drastically reduces its power to minimise the health condition. Avoid taking milk immediately after taking medication as it may have the same effect on your health.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can reduce the effect of medicines that calm your mind or make you sleepy. Not only this, it can increase the potency of stimulant medicines. If you are suffering from depression and taking medication for the same, having chocolate with it can increase the blood pressure dangerously. Avoid taking anything, which contains cocoa before or after having any medicine as it may reduce its effect or slower the recovery rate.

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Iron Supplements

Iron supplements can reduce the effect of levothyroxine (Synthroid). Synthroid is a medicine that is given when your body is not able to produce enough thyroid hormone... If you are taking this medicine and any multivitamin, see if it contains iron or not. If you need iron supplements, talk to your doctor about this. Do not take any supplements without consulting your doctor.


The worst to take with medicines is alcohol. Extremely unhealthy and dangerous for health, alcohol mixed with drugs can have adverse effects on the body. Alcohol mixed with medications can lead to increased blood pressure and heart diseases. Also, it reduces the impact of medicines given for heart diseases as well. As a word, never mix alcohol with heart and BP medicines as it can even lead to death in worst cases.

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