The Social Network Diet

Updated at: Feb 21, 2013
The Social Network Diet

Our social and physical environment is one of the reasons for our healthy or unhealthy behaviour.

Himanshu Sharma
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 24, 2012

The Social Network Diet

The Social Network Diet has become of the most argued agendas today, which blames us along with surroundings we are encircled in for our poor health condition. From time to time, we are reminded that rising overweight and non-involvement in physical activity is solely our failure, or lack of will.

There have been studies and surveys that underline our social connections to be the reason of our health condition. Recently uncovered book ‘The Social Network Diet: Change Yourself, Change the World’ throws light on social environment as the key indicator of one’s healthy being. Miriam Nelson and Jennifer Ackerman have put forth a powerful approach to bring lasting change for a healthy lifestyle by switching to healthy environment.

Poor Choices Reflect our Surroundings

Our overweight condition brings continuous obstacles to healthy living, which forces us to give up on foods besides all fun. They situation has less chances to pop-up, if we were a part of healthy environment with active network of friends, wherein exposure to physical activity and good nutrition would have made the difference. Poor choices, be it food and lack of activity, reflects the face our social and physical environment.

The Socio-ecological Model

The socio-ecological model considers relationship between people and their environment as its basis. This model lays emphasis on forces beyond our control for shaping our health-related behaviour, comprising social and physical surroundings. Our social and physical environment encompasses family dynamics, social ties and community where we put up.

Habits Change with Environment

We often come across the notion ‘habits remain habits’. The reality is, ‘change in environment leads to change in habits’. Instead of getting suppressed in unhealthy environment, switch to the better for healthy being. Social networks, meaning groups of people and connections between we are part of have vital role in changing eating habits or taking up a healthy diet plan.

Social Networks

Social networks consist of several entities that influence our behaviour and habits. Individuals in the network shapes eating habits along with other habits like smoking and drinking. This influence is either positive or negative, which impact physical activity levels as well as body weight.


Social Environment is almost identical to teamwork, wherein people around us have an influence on healthy and unhealthy behaviours. Working in a team is one of the effective methods to manage weight, wherein positive outcome of an activity is likely to grab attention of other and he is most likely to take it up as well.


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