The right clothes to wear during summers

Updated at: Nov 09, 2016
The right clothes to wear during summers

Scorching heat is a classic feature of Indian summer. Therefore, it is important to match the attire to the weather. When it comes to the choice of material, the best is pure cotton.

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The scorching summer heat can make your life quite difficult. However, you can prevent summer problems by dressing smart and wearing the right clothes.


Stick to Cotton Fabrics

Cotton is ideal for summer season; it absorbs sweat from your body and wicks the moisture away from your skin. Not only it keeps you cool but also keep infections at bay. Avoid synthetic fabrics in summer as they don't let your skin to breathe and puts you at high risk of infection.


Opt for Lighter Colours

Prefer light shades as they keep you cool. White, yellow and beige are the colours that reflect most of sun's rays back into the atmosphere, unlike dark colours such as black which absorb sun rays and trap their heat.


Wear Loose Clothes

Tight clothes restrict blood circulation; avoid them. It is important to let your body cool itself by letting heat escape through your skin. When you wear loose clothes, blood can circulate freely.


Choose the Right Clothing Styles

Shorts and sleeveless clothes are often thought as ideal clothing styles for summer. However, these are not exactly the ideal garments for hot summer. Choose clothing styles that do not expose your skin to the sun's rays but cover it. 


If you think about it, people who live in the deserts of Middle East wear loose clothing that covers them from head to toe, primarily to protect themselves from the scorching heat. The ideal clothing choices for summer are loose pants or long skirts with tops. Loose salwar kameez are also a good option.


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