Health Ministry: India’s COVID-19 Recovery Rate 62.93%, Beware Of Symptoms Outside The Lungs

Updated at: Jul 13, 2020
Health Ministry: India’s COVID-19 Recovery Rate 62.93%, Beware Of Symptoms Outside The Lungs

Despite a rise in the recovery rate, one should be on a lookout for new symptoms related to COVID-19 for better management of the disease

Vani Malik
LatestWritten by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jul 13, 2020

Just when we have fresh news of coronavirus transmission, not leaving behind celebrities who have time and again promoted the need of staying indoors and safe, there was an update on Sunday by the Union Health Ministry. The update said that the COVID-19 recovery rate of India has become better, and shows an improvement. The recovery rate now stands at 62.93 per cent, as stated by the health ministry on Sunday. The ministry attributes this to the timely diagnosis and management of coronavirus has led to the achievement of such promising numbers. It is the all-round efforts that India is on its way to greener pastures as the recovered cases have excessed the active cases by 2,42,362, which is a promising figure to know where India is currently positioned at in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Data By Ministry On COVID-19 

The ministry states that there are 2,92,258 active cases. Until Sunday, 5,34,620 were the number of recovered COVID-19 cases. Also, the data till 8 am on Sunday said how there were 551 cases/people succumbing to the disease in one day. ICMR states that various states and UTs have collected a total of 1,15,87,153 samples up till July 11. To help deal with the rising burden of cases, the ministry is trying its best in expansion. The ministry states that there are 850 testing centres in government sector setup, whereas 344 labs privately.  

However, with a steady increase in the recovery rate, also arises the need for everyone to know what are the latest developments in the progression of this disease. Despite reading and listening about it a lot, there is new information that we get to hear about its symptoms and transmission.

New Symptoms Of COVID-19


Apart from the known symptoms of coronavirus like fever, sore throat, breathlessness, there are new findings by researchers and doctors from across the globe, as per the varying case histories. The latest to be heard it the COVID-19 symptoms outside the lungs. Scientists around the world have successfully indicated the effect of COVID-19 apart from the lungs or outside the lungs. These findings only state how now one should take COVID-19 as a multi-system disease and not a virus that only attacks the lungs. Aakriti Gupta, from the Columbia University in the US, as a part of her research, explained how she was in the frontline, studying the pandemic phase carefully, to understand the virus and its transmission activities further. “I saw patients experiencing blood clots, high blood pressure, even with no history of diabetes and heart and kidney injuries too. This indicated towards a possibility that COVID-19 was more of a multi-organ/multi-system disease and not just a respiratory disease.”

Blood Clotting: Non-Respiratory Coronavirus Symptom

As per a few studies published in the Journal Nature Medicine, a very majorly focused non-respiratory symptom of COVID-19 is blood clotting. As per experts, this happened due to an attack on the cells lining the blood vessels. It is said that once the cells are attacked, there is increased inflammation in the body, leading to clotting in the blood. As per studies, these clots can have some adverse effects on the functioning of various organs.

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Blood Clots And Heart Attacks: Another researcher, Kartik Sehgal, co-author from the Harvard Medical School in the US, explains how blood clotting can be a way for the heart not to function correctly. It is believed that systematic inflammation in the blood vessels can lead to a worsening of heart conditions, especially on those with a case history of heart ailments.

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