The Number of Autism Cases is Rising:Govt

Updated at: Aug 02, 2014
The Number of Autism Cases is Rising:Govt

The number of cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder has been increasing as reported in the central government medical institutions.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
LatestWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Aug 02, 2014

The number of cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder has been increasing as reported in the central government medical institutions. The Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said in a written response to a question in Lok Sabha, “The number of cases of ASD seen in central government medical setting in the country have reportedly increased. At VIMHANS, the number of inpatient admission cases has increased from six n 1989 to 97 in 2011. At AIIMS, the number of new cases has gone up from 2-3 per month during the period 2005-2007 to 7-8 per month during 2008 till month”.

autismHe also said that the data on autism, a neuro development disorder, is not maintained on a centralized basis and there are no large-scale studies on the population regarding its prevalence in the country. The minister, however, also said that the National Trust had conducted one survey in Delhi so as to estimate the number of persons having one or other type of mental disability.

Based on a data that was collected at the time of a field operation and estimation procedure, at least 36, 053 people were reported to be suffering from mental disability. Of these many people, 1, 470 suffered from autism, 6, 600 suffered from cerebral palsy, 17,608 suffered from mental retardation and 10, 375 suffered from multiple disabilities. The health minister also informed the people that about 8 million people were living with epilepsy in the country in the year 2013.

About 50 percent of the people who are suffering from epilepsy as well as neurological impairments in the country do not receive medical treatment and the minister added that the treatment gap is found to be higher in the rural areas compared with the urban areas.

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