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The Dangers of Laptop Radiation

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 12, 2014
The Dangers of Laptop Radiation

Time and again experts have been warning us regarding excessive usage of laptops. The harmful radiations that a laptop emits can have terrible effect on male fertility.

The world is increasingly getting hooked to gadgets and speaking of which one the most commonly used gadget after mobile phones is a laptop. Now we have heard a lot about the evils of a mobile phone, but are laptops a safe bet?

Technology that was once touted as the life saver for humanity, that which would bring us closer and make our world more accessible is now posing as a threat. Among other things like privacy which is at a great risk, we are also at the risk of getting sick, and our health is definitely on the verge of collapse. Here we will look at how laptops emit radiations effect our health. At the very start we would like to tell you that the chances of you getting ill from laptop radiation are small, but there are certain factors that cannot be avoided.

Laptop Radiation

Why the Concern?

Studies have shown that there are certain harmful effects of laptop radiation on the human body. Now because the usage of laptops has increased many folds over the last few years, it is therefore a matter of great concern. A BBC report said that even when laptop is not used, wireless internet which is also known as “Wi-Fi” can emit radiation into the air and this can be harmful.

Also, we lay laptops on our laps and expose ourselves to more intense radiation, but this can be reversed if we place it a few feet away.

The Concern

The concern with laptops is that they have internal parts that heat up and radiate, as you must have already noticed that they heat up after some time. Laptops are known to generate low frequency radiations that are referred to as Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR from storage and computing processing. When you are using your laptop’s Bluetooth, WiFi and wireless cellular connections then you are actually allowing higher frequency Radio Frequency radiation.

The scary part is that these sources are very close to your genitals, skin and muscles. When you get exposed to such dangerous radiations you are creating bodily reactions such as skin rashes and muscles soreness. The alarming fact is that in some cases this could also lead to infertility.

Harmful Radiation from Laptop

Symptoms of Laptop Radiation Exposure

Experts have concluded from their studies that the heat and the electronic radiation exposure that one goes through when especially it is prolonged at high levels leads to fatigue, dizziness, headaches, breathlessness, insomnia and many cancers.  
When you place your laptop on your lap then you are directly exposing yourself to more serious health conditions. These include infertility and skin damages. It is necessary for you to see a doctor if you happen to experience any health issues.

Also, laptop radiation has proved to have an adverse effect of fertility as well as cell and DNA damage, but more studies are yet to be conducted to come to any specific conclusion. With these radiating emitting device being used so close to our bodies we are upsetting the bodily functions. The worst part being that it has now become a normal part of our lives.

One of the easiest ways to prevent any possible reproductive damage from the usage of laptop is to place the laptop far from the body. The best way is to place your laptop atop a desk. According to Health Physics Society pregnant women should never place a laptop on their abdomen.

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