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The beginner’s guide to everything healthy

The beginner’s guide to everything healthy
Quick Bites
  • Yoga keeps your mind, body and soul active.
  • A balanced diet is must.
  • Antioxidants help you detoxify your body.
  • Jogging is one contemporary yet best form of workout.



Weight loss, a strong and flexible body, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good health – whatever you may be looking for, yoga has it on offer.Daily yoga practice at home can help you stay healthy, more productive, calm and happy all day. Besides, these benefits are not just for you to enjoy. A home practice allows you to put in the time, focusing on consistency over quantity. A few minutes every day is better than a few hours once a week (or month). To begin with, buy yoga mats on any of the leading online retail stores.


Green Tea


It’s time to switch your daily dose of caffeine with green tea, the much healthier alternative. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body which also helps balance your appetite. Among the numerous benefits of green tea is weight loss, protection from heart diseases, healthy teeth, better cholesterol, improved brain function to name a few. Start your day with a refreshing cup and end your day with one as well, it works out well both ways. Go ahead and get your packat discounted rates online.


Zen meditation


The practice of Zen meditation essentially revolves around observation of your thoughts and how your mind and body operate.It's getting to the core of our problems instead of temporarily relieving the symptoms!Zen meditation reduces stress and anxiety, gives clarity of mind, provides better sleep, even improves self confidence among many other benefits. It can easily be pursued at home, and to help with the same you can buy books at




Protinex is a hydrolyzed protein based supplement which can be consumed by people of all ages and gender.  Although it is thought of as a muscle building substance only, it has much more benefits than that. It boosts the immune system, helps maintain a healthy skin and stimulates healthy hair and nail growth. One needs to use Protinex two times in a day, mix it well in milk and drink instantly. It can also be just as well consumed with water.Get your box of protinex online from Healthkart right now! Fun part is you can use coupons for protein on Healthkart right away and can get massive discounts on your purchase.


Healthy recipes


After having put so much effort into leading a healthy lifestyle, you would definitely not want to go out and pay to eat food which might possibly spoil your health routine. Home cooked meals not only help you save the pain of trying to customize every single dish that you order, it has many other benefits of its own as well.  Home cooked meals tend to be more nutritious, its freshness is ensured and you get to increase your own knowledge about food which helps you further on maintaining healthy eating habits. Buy healthy cooking recipe books online at one of the leading ecommerce websites.




Jogging is one of the oldest and most popular forms of aerobic exercise. Fads come and go, but jogging has withstood some of the trendiest exercise crazes that have come through the years. A beginner to exercise should start with brisk walking, progress to jogging and work up to running.Regular running or jogging offers many health benefits. Running can help to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise; strengthen muscles; improve cardiovascular fitness; burn plenty of kilojoules and help maintain a healthy weight among other benefits. So get your running shoes and get going!

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Written by
Ruchi Jha
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 14, 2016

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